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    Hello everyone,

    Just received my first ever BB device - Passport SE. Coming from Android/Iphone, I would say it is a big difference. It's my second day of using the phone, and I love it already. However, I need a help.

    I am on T-Mobile and I need to have a WiFi calling enabled (I have a trip to Europe coming up in few days). I browsed few threads here and see that since October 2015, it is possible to do using some special tricks. Since I'm new in that, I have couple of questions:

    1) Am I correct that I have to follow the guide described here:


    and use that 2 files:

    QC8974: Blackberry Passport (Debrick + Core OS)

    and extra file:

    T-Mobile US users who want to control WiFi Calling on their device should download and sideload this BAR file:
    (Use either Sachesi or Darcy's BB Tools to load)

    2) Is it up to date information?

    3) Is it safe to use them? I don't want to break my phone.

    Sorry, if it is so obvious. There are lots of links and I am confused what to use first and safety of the device is important.

    07-07-16 02:00 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    07-07-16 06:26 PM
  3. crd2016's Avatar
    Is the outline in the original post the correct sequence of steps to set up wifi calling on t-mobile? I just bought a passport and I need to do the same thing.
    07-16-16 07:36 PM

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