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    Last thing I expected my Passport to let me down while on a business trip was...making a phone call...

    In a hectic morning I started typing the name of the contact I needed to call urgently - nothing! Chose 'outlook' from the overflow menu in the contacts app - all gone!... My Passport was just left with my fb contacts...

    Outlook.com sync'd contacts suddenly gone!!!...-img_20150327_091349.png

    A few f words later I started trying - deleted and added my Outlook account again - nothing. Logged into Outlook via the browser to check if my contacts are actually there, they were. Deleted the account and added it again and finally they appeared.

    Has anyone else had this? It just left me with a very bad taste in my mouth -my phone failing suddenly and in a critical function...

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    This issue occurred a week ago and appeared fixed as of 27th March, this worked for me at the time...

    The problem was 100% on Microsoft's end and it's been resolved. If anyone is still having trouble, go into the Hub, then overflow button (the three dots bottom right), settings, email accounts and select your Outlook account. Go to edit account, uncheck Sync Contacts and hit Save. Go back in and turn Sync Contacts back on.

    Hope this helps anyone still stuck.
    Give that a shot

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    I can provide rock solid, high performance MS Exchange email for as few as just 1 account. PM me if interested.

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    04-02-15 10:13 AM

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