09-28-14 02:12 PM
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    So the other thread is closed, probably due to the idiotic comments some made ruining it for the helpful posters...

    Anyway, could not believe what happened. I get ready to go to Selfridges, boxes everything up minus the phone as needed to keep it out to show the fault (it hadn't been working despite my numerous attempts to keep trying all last night and morning!) and as I get in the car (sister was driving), I happened to try again - keys started working. All of them.
    I was like "What on Earth?!"

    So the dilemma. I decided to leave it a few days and ride it out to see if it persisted or came back. We decided to go out to lunch instead of the Trafford Centre (we were only really going for my phone), so at this point I'd got into my phone and was catching up on texts I hadn't been able to read. Started replying to a friend who text earlier in the day - keys weren't working again. Then they came back, then went. So i said, just get me to Selfridges, it's going back.

    I got myself to the Trafford Centre Selfridges and saw the same woman that sold me the phone - I told her of the defect and showed her and she asked if I tried the resets, I said I had and detailed what I'd done. She then proceeded to do it all in front of me (which annoyed me slightly as I'd already told her it didn't work), low and behold - no joy.

    So she said they were having a delivery of more Passports later that day, but she said it'd be after 4pm (we were there at 12 noon) so I said we couldn't hang on that long unfortunately. I said the best bet would be a refund and I can try and buy online or return to the store another time.
    She was having none of it.
    "I'll post one to you"
    I advised as it was Friday I wouldn't get it til at least Monday, and didn't have a phone to keep me going. She said there was stock in the other Manchester Selfridges, but that would mean driving into town and parking, then finding it (never been) then explaining it all again. Plus, anyone that knows Manchester City Centre will know why I opted not to do the drive!

    So. I decided just to settle on a refund. The BB lady just walked away and left me with the Selfridges lady to do it. I was a bit annoyed really as I was first in that store dead on 15:00 Wednesday to buy one, and she didn't even apologise for the defect. Being a BB representative, I'd have expected at least an "I'm so sorry your device is faulty, this really shouldn't have happened as it's brand new"... etc etc. Nothing.

    Anyway, that's me without a Passport.

    OR IS IT!

    So then... I went into the CarPhoneWarehouse. Asked the guy if they sold the BB Passport to which he nodded, went out in the back and presented a brand new box. I was like, oh cool. So he said do you want to take one? I said, yeah lets do it.
    So I have ended up with a new Passport on Vodafone, which was free on a 24 month plan for 30.50 a month. However, I get 30% off my line rental through working for a bank so my line rental is about 21 a month. Best part? 21 x 24 months is 504 - even cheaper than the sim free version! And it gives me 600 minutes, 4g, unlimited messages and loads more.

    So I bit his hand off!

    Also, the lad who served me said the phone wouldn't go through the computer. He wasn't sure if it was for sale yet, but literally found a way! I wasn't sure if it was Selfridges exclusive til Monday, but I managed to get mine from them so maybe not.
    He asked if I wanted him to open it to set it up, but I said no (I like doing that ha) and he said "Ah, wanted to see one!" I just said 'sorry' ha. Felt a bit bad!

    So yeah, here I am - home and ready to start again! Thank you to everyone for the kind messages of help whilst I was trying to sort it out in the other thread. Really appreciate it, and at least we know now that there could be some keyboard defects to look out for.
    Hopefully this thread can stay free of trolls! Not holding my breath ha.

    Now if you don't mind...
    09-26-14 10:27 AM
  2. Aneres11's Avatar
    09-26-14 10:28 AM
  3. Deadmunny's Avatar
    Thanks for posting

    And good luck

    Regards David

    Posted via Digicel Z10
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    09-26-14 10:30 AM
  4. dejanh's Avatar
    Good one. Glad to see you sorted things out. The other thread totally got ridiculous. To be honest, next time don't even bother replying to trolls, just report the post.

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    09-26-14 10:32 AM
  5. kjpeigan's Avatar
    October 1st is when I can get mine...woo-hoo woot woot...Sasktel agent emailed me... :-)

    Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada
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    09-26-14 10:33 AM
  6. machfive's Avatar
    Great... Can't wait to get hands on one in Jamaica.
    09-26-14 10:33 AM
  7. IrwanAriWibowo's Avatar
    Congrats broo.. enjoy your Passport!

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    09-26-14 10:34 AM
  8. Wbrian's Avatar
    I'm so glad you got this sorted out in a way that works for you. Congrats on the new, new phone!

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    09-26-14 10:34 AM
  9. EchuOkan1's Avatar
    Good to hear it ended well for you. Enjoy.

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    09-26-14 10:37 AM
  10. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    The things BlackBerry fans will do for a BlackBerry... amazing.

    Hope this one works out!

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    09-26-14 10:40 AM
  11. Spawn12's Avatar
    Glad u got it sorted my friend. Actually there is an online place that is selling the passport for 434 pounds delivered. Not sure if they have any in stock or its a pre-order but they start shipping on Monday.

    I ordered mine through shop BlackBerry is but they are out of stock till 6th Oct so have asked for a refund which hasn't shown up.

    I'll probably order on Monday from the other place by then my refund should have come through.

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    09-26-14 10:46 AM
  12. shorski's Avatar
    Great to hear from you again and here's hoping you don't have the last experience again

    BlackBerry Passport: It doesn't BEND but you can BLEND
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    09-26-14 10:47 AM
  13. Aneres11's Avatar
    Thank you all! And I can confirm... ASDFG are working nicely. For now...!
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    09-26-14 10:51 AM
  14. ynotbme's Avatar
    What...no video proof that it's working?

    Kidding!!! Enjoy your Passport, I'm so jealous.

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    09-26-14 10:59 AM
  15. paolo73's Avatar
    Great result, plus a nice little extra saving by spreading the cost over the 24 months...

    Ironically that probably makes you the first person in the UK to buy a sim-free Passport AND the first to buy one under contract! You should get another one as a prize from somewhere for the hat-trick :-)

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    09-26-14 11:08 AM
  16. m1kr0's Avatar
    Enjoy mate and thanks for the update. Glad all ended well for you and your Passport.

    Z10 STL100-1, OS
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    09-26-14 11:09 AM
  17. Andy Wijaya's Avatar
    I envy you. Lol.
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    09-26-14 11:16 AM
  18. playboldbook's Avatar
    Nice, I'm in SK too, looking forward to grabbing mine in Oct. And congrats to OP for getting things sorted out.
    09-26-14 11:17 AM
  19. bluegreen1965's Avatar
    Good luck to you. Hope this performs as it should.
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    09-26-14 11:19 AM
  20. mike-berry's Avatar
    It seems to be that everywhere in the world the customer service is dwindling. Are people making too much money?

    Anyhow congratulations enjoy your passport!

    Posted via CB10
    09-26-14 11:23 AM
  21. solitude1984's Avatar
    It seems to be that everywhere in the world the customer service is dwindling. Are people making too much money?

    Posted via CB10
    I think they're probably making too little.

    Congrats OP. Glad things worked out in the end.
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    09-26-14 11:50 AM
  22. Parrillas NY's Avatar
    Yo ya quiero tener el mio, saludos desde Honduras, Central America!! #blackberrypassport
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    09-26-14 11:52 AM
  23. mslifkin's Avatar
    All the best with your new Passport!
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    09-26-14 12:16 PM
  24. KDB84's Avatar
    Great news! Thanks for the update and enjoy your Passport.
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    09-26-14 01:39 PM
  25. Stuart Clapperton's Avatar
    Glad your sorted it out!
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    09-26-14 01:43 PM
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