1. HelloWOrlditsme's Avatar
    The whole question is in the title!

    More details: I don't want to sync my bberry (and get the damn locked bbb file), but I just want to copy past my pictures to y computer. After a while I realized i could just do drag and drop ;-))) But, I don't know where my pictures are dropped to on OSX! And it does not really seem to work ( I searched for the file names afterwards, no match).

    Any one has an idea?

    I am on OSX EL Capitan, and I had to use tricks explained elsewhere in this forum to make sure Blackberry Link connects to my BBerry Passport.
    08-15-16 04:45 AM
  2. HelloWOrlditsme's Avatar
    As a complement: actually, I checked, when you drag and drop, Blackberry Link does not copy anything. And of course it is impossible to access the Bberry just a normal USB drive as it used to be in the good old days.
    Great Scott get me out of this mess ! I have 20 gigs of pictues of my son to got damn take out of this evil device !!
    The only option I have found so far is : share them 10 by 10 through Dropbox (Blackberry OS does not allow me to share more than approx 10 files at a time...).
    Save me.
    08-15-16 05:01 AM

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