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    I have removed SIM Card and working with WiFi, but NO automatic update option is available. Still OS is working. Also what is th latest OS now? Is latest one or any others OS? Also who were upgraded to OS 10.3.3.xxxx, is they observed any kind of advantages than before? Also is call cab Apps like UBER, OLA are working now? Please confirm. Post getting your confirmation, will think to upgrade OS in my BlackBerry Passport device.
    01-17-17 08:28 PM
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    These are instructions on using Sachesi. I got them off of the CrackBerry website forums. I follow these instructions every time I update my OS. I always back up my phone before the process as the instructions suggest.

    Just in case someone does not know yet how to upgrade non-destructively:

    Following the steps below you can upgrade non-destructively, so you won't lose any data on your device and do not have to start from scratch.

    It's like doing an OTA update on your device.

    Note that this tutorial is assuming that you are using Windows and have the latest version of BlackBerry Link installed.

    Before you do anything backup your device with BlackBerry Link.

    Do a full backup!

    If something goes wrong you can easily go back to your current OS and restore your backup.

    Backup made?

    Then close BlackBerry Link and proceed:

    Install the latest version of Sachesi
    Currently 2.0.0 RC from here

    Download the 3 leaked files for your device:

    Core OS

    Make sure that you download the proper files for your device, in this example it is a Classic (which is using Z30 Core OS and Debrick and the Radio for the Classic)

    The smallest file is the Radio and looks like:

    The biggest file is the Debrick and looks like:

    The third file is the Core OS and looks like:

    Create a folder on your hard drive
    Name it as the OS you have downloaded, e.g.

    Create a second folder on your hard drive
    Name it Debrick

    Put the Core OS and the Radio in your folder

    Put the Debrick file (the biggest one) in your Debrick folder

    Open Sachesi
    You do not have to connect your device yet
    Just open Sachesi and click the tab Extract

    Click the Extract Signed button and select the big Debrick file from your Debrick folder

    You' ll see a progress bar running, wait till the process is finished.

    In your Debrick folder is now a second even bigger file which looks like:
    qcfm.image.com.qnx.qcfm.qc8960.factory_sfi.desktop .BB10_3_1.2726.834561.signed

    In Sachesi click on the Extract Apps button and select this new big .signed file from your Debrick folder

    You'll see again a progress bar running, wait till the process is finished.

    In your Debrick folder is now a subfolder which looks like:

    qcfm.image.com.qnx.qcfm.qc8960.factory_sfi.desktop .BB10_3_1.2726.834561

    Open this folder and copy all files in your formely created folder (where you put the Core OS and the Radio before)

    8) The files are all in the Debrick subfolder.
    Now put your device in airplane mode and connect it via USB

    If you have set a password on your device enter it.
    Click the Install tab

    Leave the checkmark "Only install newer apps" checked

    Click the Install Folder button and select your folder

    You will see a progress circle, be patient this will take some time

    Your device restarts, first boot may take some time. Be patient, this is not like a normal boot, it takes much longer than usual.

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    01-17-17 08:52 PM
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