05-26-15 01:47 AM
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  1. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Nothing yet for me.... London UK
    Unlocked Passport (SQW100) with an EE (UK) SIM
    still on BB10 OS Software Release - BB10 OS Version
    03-16-15 01:47 PM
  2. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Mine is unlocked but have seen nothing from Rogers yet.

    Posted from my BlackBerry Passport
    My Passport is unlocked too - still nothing yet (EE UK Sim) for either of the last week's updates

    Anybody got either yet with an unlocked Passport in the UK? If so, which mobile operator is your Sim from (if this makes a difference)?
    Last edited by BigAl_BB9900; 03-16-15 at 02:08 PM.
    03-16-15 01:50 PM
  3. Viet Ton's Avatar
    No update yet in the UK. Unlocked Passport on O2

    Posted via my BlackBerry Passport -
    03-16-15 01:50 PM
  4. mh1983's Avatar
    Nothing on Telus (Q5), either. They've been pretty useless with the 10.3.1 rollout in general.
    03-16-15 01:57 PM
  5. portal's Avatar
    Coming from PassportSQW100-1/ My update is on 1 GB

    OS (SR now rolling out on the Passport-img_20150316_225002.png

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 02:01 PM
  6. Berry-cracked-up's Avatar
    Still nothing on my Passport, which was bought via ShopBlackberry, and on the Telus network in the KW region.
    03-16-15 02:06 PM
  7. house78's Avatar
    I'm got the update bought unlocked from Amazon on AT&T.

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 02:14 PM
  8. crunch27's Avatar
    I'm with Rogers and I upgraded 47mB's. Going to reboot now. CYA!

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 02:22 PM
  9. jojo beaconsfield's Avatar
    Still waiting...Bell,mtl.
    03-16-15 02:28 PM
  10. Paul Collins4's Avatar
    Just got the update 3 uk
    OS (SR now rolling out on the Passport-img_20150316_192901.png

    03-16-15 02:29 PM
  11. Viet Ton's Avatar
    Lol. Just got it. O2 UK unlocked. 18mb from 2558

    Posted via my BlackBerry Passport -
    03-16-15 02:31 PM
  12. Jackbond84's Avatar
    Still nothing in the Netherlands grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 02:33 PM
  13. AbsoluteT23's Avatar
    I just checked for an update, but for some reason, I'm getting an update for the same OS I already have, although it's a 7mb update. I guess it's for some random AT&T apps.

    Is that what you got, or did you get the official .2576 update?
    03-16-15 02:35 PM
  14. Pdinos3's Avatar
    2582 is out now as well!

    Via CB10 PassportSQW100-1/
    03-16-15 02:37 PM
  15. fattylewis's Avatar
    Just started here in UK. 80meg update.

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 02:41 PM
  16. nikgilbe's Avatar
    Just got it on Voda in the UK

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 02:45 PM
  17. KorChi_JapThai's Avatar
    Not yet here in Saudi Arabia

    03-16-15 02:55 PM
  18. CrackberryQ's Avatar
    Beirut! Live on passport!

    Posted via CB10
    blackbird666 likes this.
    03-16-15 03:02 PM
  19. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Just got it - just started downloading SR (I had to manually check for it though - didn't get an automatic notification) - 80Mb

    03-16-15 03:14 PM
  20. blackbird666's Avatar
    nothing here in Kuwait !!!
    03-16-15 03:15 PM
  21. SK122387's Avatar
    I got it on my red Passport from Amazon.com, but nothing on my Shop BlackBerry black Passport yet.

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 03:15 PM
  22. Pdinos3's Avatar
    Who cares about OTA. Loading 2582 via sachesi right now!

    Via CB10 PassportSQW100-1/
    duckduke and blackbird666 like this.
    03-16-15 03:29 PM
  23. duckduke's Avatar
    I have unlocked PP from shopBlackberry and on ATT in the US ........... I updated to over the weekend

    I just checked for updates and SR (OS from ATT is showing available........

    I will probably wait and install the OS that is now showing up.
    03-16-15 03:33 PM
  24. debs222's Avatar
    O2. Uk London.. yes, I see u there...😄

    Posted via CB10
    EagleStephen likes this.
    03-16-15 03:40 PM
  25. AshMcAuliffe's Avatar
    Just got my prompt. It's 1GB in size!
    I'm in the UK on EE.
    OS (SR now rolling out on the Passport-img_20150316_204250.png

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 03:43 PM
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