08-25-14 08:34 PM
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  1. Dr_Vancouver's Avatar
    Whatever, I think it'll be worth it. I'll give Rogers their $199-250 (and try VERY hard NOT to break it a week and a half after launch day like my first Q10)

    Posted via CB10 on my Q10
    07-28-14 09:40 PM
  2. Dr_Vancouver's Avatar
    Incidentally, I forget how much Rogers charged day one on a contract for the Q10- but I DO remember the Bold 9000 was $250 (& worth every penny)

    Posted via CB10 on my Q10
    07-28-14 09:42 PM
  3. dracolnyte's Avatar
    im thinking 699 off contract
    07-28-14 10:30 PM
  4. teostar's Avatar
    Pricing on all blackberries has been a fail to date.

    Posted via CB10
    07-28-14 10:32 PM
  5. KingOfQwerty's Avatar
    You're wrong. BlackBerry doesn't need to lower the price tag on every phone they sell. They need to have premium phones and they need to have economical phones. The mistake at launch was that everything was premium and there were no economical devices, hence why sales weren't that good. If you're looking for economical, you now have a choice: get a Z3 or Z10. If you want premium, it'll be the Passport.
    You are absolutely right. Still, if BBRY launches Passport with premium price tag AND Z3-LTE with lesser price tag both with 10.3, it will steal the show.

    Critics, Analysts and buyers can no more grumble against them. One has to choose either or.
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    07-29-14 12:10 AM
  6. ralphbu's Avatar
    This thread could possibly...no wait...IT IS A DEFINITE FAIL.

    Thank you. Good Day. No Hard Feelings OP.
    I completely agree! This is absurd! Your throwing off opinion on speculative subject matter for which the only gain is either to beat Blackberry by dissuading others from buying the phone. Sadly, most of you here sound as if you know the device all too well - the all-knowing gods of the tech world! Worst, there are a few who make absolute claims based on misinformed data. Give it a break will you! If you enjoy the iphone or samsung then hug it all you want and leave blackberry alone! You all rant too much!
    07-29-14 12:14 AM
  7. Heinz Katchup's Avatar
    I going to say the opposite. Maybe i need to start a thread "Passport pricing could be a possible success." One of these, non-specific assertions will be right.
    You hit the nail on the head. Why are there are so many doom and gloom thread titles on CrackBerry? Doesn't seem like fans of BlackBerry would be so negative. Very peculiar.

    Posted via CB10
    07-29-14 12:16 AM
  8. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    I have to agree with OP on this. BlackBerry has lost its ball game a while ago, and if they really need to pull it off is by lowering the price tag IMO. Nowadays most consumers look at price tag then its productivity, since majority of regular users have little or limited knowledge about modern gadgets. They usually just walk into retail store and buy what most popular devices.

    BlackBerry Z10
    Do you expect them to take a loss on the Passport? And do you think that BlackBerry is able to get components anywhere near as cheap as either Apple or Samsung?
    07-29-14 12:40 AM
  9. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    Don't the majority of phone buyers now buy a two year contract and not really give a **** what a phone costs?
    I don't.

    Z30 user and lover.
    Depends on where you are. The thing is, will the carriers offer it?

    Posted from an ME173X
    07-29-14 12:55 AM
  10. SapphireEcstasy's Avatar
    They need to lower the price. I paid too much for my Q10 and that's not right. So give me an option to trade in my phones for a great deal or something!

    Love my phones regardless.

    Posted via CB10
    07-29-14 01:52 AM
  11. Sayumi Whisp's Avatar
    I think so too.

    of course BB has great Devices but BB is not Strong enough to play directly beside the big Players.

    And the Android apps... yea some are running good, but many "mostly the most useful apps" are laggy and slow.
    they are working, but its Slow and the integration into the BB10 OS are really bad.

    Sorry but its the true, im using many Android Apps, because for Travel, Language Study, actual Updates, and many other, there is not native BB10 Release.

    And you cannot say, wait for os 10.2.1 10.3, everything will be better than, the User want that it works now.
    and of course Systems like Androidn had need a long time for working good, but Blackberry havent the Time right now that IOS or Android had before.

    And About the Buisness …
    of course BB is primary for Buisness User, but if you look at the Worls, the Buisness will not Save BB alone, they need the "regulary" User

    Best Wishes

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    07-29-14 06:34 AM
  12. dejanh's Avatar
    If you buy phones contingent on the resale value of the phones, then IMHO you are price sensitive. I buy phones on the assumption that at the EOL they will have "scrap value ".
    Nevertheless, it's everyone's free choice how they spend their hard earned money .
    Finally just because you may have had bad experience with your Z10, which coincidentally was the first BB10, does not mean we all had similar experience. The BB10 OS has come quite a long way since last year's launch. To top that of the Passport will be running on OS 10.3.
    Again, Only those who can afford to spend whatever Passport is priced at should buy it.

    Posted via CB10
    You're looking at it out of context. I know that I will want to change my phone at around the 6 month mark and that's on the longer side. Since the Z10 came out I went through the following phones, Z10, Q10, Z30, Nexus 5, iPhone 5S, and two LG G2s. That's 7 phones in 19 months.

    Some I only kept for a month, others, like the Z30 for 6 months. I often use 2 phones at once hence the somewhat "inflated" number. I also hate contracts, therefore I only buy my devices outright. I also like to try different phones so I look for ways to minimize the cost. I still spend a substantial amount on phones per year, I just do it smartly. If I didn't my phone escapades would run me in excess of $4,000 per year.

    For me, the Passport looks to be a keeper device, meaning that I'm likely to use it as a primary for at least 6 months. However, once I'm done with it, it will still be early in the cycle and I want to recover a decent amount from it so I can make a move to a different device in a cost-effective way. The Z10 was like this for me except I got hammered on the resale value, and lost approximately $500 on it in about 6 months.

    Posted via CrackBerry App
    07-29-14 08:32 AM
  13. undone's Avatar
    The Passport is either
    1. A gamble
    2. Well thought out, researched, and client committed device.

    Some speculators seem to have picked their camp and a few are still on the fence.

    If its a gamble device, no matter how they price it, it will fail.
    If its something they found a niche, need, client interest....well that's called giving the client what they want and why they are in business.

    Chen is a smart guy, he saved 2 businesses (something I just read yesterday on Bloomberg), is on the board of directors for others, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and favor number 2. It will sell within BB internal predicted sales numbers.
    07-29-14 08:41 AM
  14. nairdaotnatus's Avatar
    You have to think about the folks in the US. Chances are, we may not even get one carrier to pick this phone up and we have to buy it unlocked.
    Welcome aboard, most of us in Asia also bought phones unlocked lol

    Z30 STA100-2/
    07-29-14 08:56 AM
  15. smoothrunnings's Avatar
    Everybody here knows the passport will not be cheap. In fact it will be price around the same as an iphone or galaxy and thats why it will fail. Don't get me wrong. I'm a former blackberry user looking forward to try bb10. But thats the reality here. Blackberry still lack behind android and ios in terms of apps. People will always prefer a galaxy or iphone if it cost the same as the passport. That's why they need to get their price right at the begining, otherwise it will be a flop, another to the list.

    Posted via CrackBerry App
    The Passport will cost you $700 ($699) if you choose to buy it out right.

    This is why I waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which will cost the same but at the same it will give you a lot more smartphone for the price.
    07-29-14 11:57 AM
  16. early2bed's Avatar
    From today's analyst report from Maynard Um

    New product cycle key to hardware: The launch of Passport/Classic in Sept/Nov, respectively, are important. While service revs will decline as BB10 hardware is sold (expected to be offset by higher software rev), these devices are higher margin than the Z3 and offer inventory relief that help decrease hardware segment losses and benefit cash flow. Given these devices are for higher-end enterprises users, we expect ASP will be higher than our original forecast.
    If they are positioning this device for higher-end enterprise users then I'm guessing this will be priced about the same as the iPhone 6 off contract. With contract, it may even be more expensive since the carriers are forced by Apple to subsidize the iPhone 6 to a high degree.
    07-29-14 12:08 PM
  17. Skatophilia's Avatar
    Why do we have to have 1000 other ppl tell us their opinion on the same subject.... we should definitely just have one thread going on here
    07-29-14 12:22 PM
  18. dejanh's Avatar
    From today's analyst report from Maynard Um
    If they are positioning this device for higher-end enterprise users then I'm guessing this will be priced about the same as the iPhone 6 off contract. With contract, it may even be more expensive since the carriers are forced by Apple to subsidize the iPhone 6 to a high degree.
    If true, I won't be picking up the device at launch. I'll wait until they show up on Craigslist.
    07-29-14 12:27 PM
  19. Mo Cat's Avatar
    Even if the Passport is high priced, patience and time will make it way cheaper. Bought the Q10 off contract for €650 in May 2013, not even a year later it's half priced. This time I might wait for the Passport price drop cause I still have my Q10 and I'm not in an urge to buy it. I'm serious thinking on getting one but I hope my patience will be stronger.
    07-29-14 02:42 PM
  20. --TommesJay--'s Avatar
    The biggest problem about the Passport is that it's so sexy and awesome that pricing doesn't play a role
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    07-29-14 03:30 PM
  21. greg_z's Avatar
    Well at the end of the day we need reliable device for reasonable price, after PlayBook and Z10 pricing mistakes only handful of users will pay top price fo BlackBerry. Enterprises will do not care so much for price but I think that sadly more businesses are turning away from BlackBerry. Just heard that Ford ditched BlackBerry for IPhone.

    Posted via CB10
    07-29-14 04:31 PM
  22. NG888's Avatar
    CNET lists it at MSRP USD 699, an article from today, with different views.


    Posted via CB10
    07-29-14 04:36 PM
  23. KporalBoyQ10's Avatar
    CNET lists it at MSRP USD 699, an article from today, with different views.


    Posted via CB10

    $699 USD
    ?529 EUR
    8128671.0000 IDR
    $758 CAD

    posted via my Q10SQN100-3/10.3.0.xxx (don't ask)
    07-29-14 04:47 PM
  24. rizztazz torch's Avatar
    I know I will, Passport FTW.

    .3247 good and Carling.
    07-29-14 04:50 PM
  25. DYLANHABKIRK's Avatar
    CNET lists it at MSRP USD 699, an article from today, with different views.


    Posted via CB10
    C|Net is talking our of their arses. Read the full article where it says no pricing information was given to them, nor a firm release date.

    Don't trust a tech writer that says the Passports battery is the same as the Z30...

    Posted via CB10
    07-29-14 04:52 PM
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