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    That's what Morgan-Stanley are claiming for the Passport in this Digital Trends article. Surely this figure is wrong...?

    New BlackBerry Smartphones Are Failing, Morgan Stanley Says | Digital Trends

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    03-19-15 05:08 PM
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    The 8K figure is the estimate sold during the ATT/Verizon launch of Classic/Passport. Digital Trend referenced Phonearena which got its info from Benzinga. Benzinga however did not state what region the 8K measured.

    Meanwhile the original MS report states.
    Initial Classic sell-through looks well below breakeven rates. Our checks over the first couple of weeks of the Classic and Passport launches at major US carriers suggest BlackBerry may have sold through as many as 8,000 devices. Although in the early innings, our initial sell-through estimates are well below the run rate needed to hit the 2-3mm Classics during of FY16 we estimate will be needed for the company to reach total device sell-through of ~10mm we believe will be needed to reach breakeven with hardware during FY16. We are seeing very little demand for Passport where it is stocked.
    Poor reporting and laziness. We all know BB in the US is dead for consumers but so much online reporting these days is atrocious with no original content.

    Basically MS Is stating that because of low sales in US stores that BB will be unable to reach a 10M overall worldwide sales and revenue goals of that many devices and thus the stock is downgraded.
    03-19-15 05:33 PM
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    Just read the article. Really objective..........not. As someone else said, lazy, rubbish reporting. Borderline tabloid journalism.

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    03-19-15 05:54 PM
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    Already discussed to death in this thread...

    03-19-15 05:58 PM
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    Not by me.

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    03-19-15 10:34 PM
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    Already discussed to death in this thread...

    Oh - I did do a search on the subject before I posted... and posted because my search found nothing! Sorry about that.

    All the same, this kind of reportage should be stamped on by BlackBerry...

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    03-20-15 02:56 AM

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