11-23-15 11:56 AM
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    It's funny because there was a whole debate about 6 months ago whether the "word wide" of the Passport was just a joke, all marketing, etc, etc.

    There were pictures comparing how much text is displayed between iPhones, Galaxies, Passports, and more.

    I will say this, even if there isn't that much more text displayed on the screen when you magnify to equal scaling between the devices, more characters per line is amazing.

    I continually play with phones before I resell them, and honestly I would find it very hard at this point to go back to a normal widescreen device, and that's not even factoring in the physical keyboard, the better OS, or the other features the Passport brings to the table.

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    Totally agree. Deep down inside I told myself this. If I could get the android hub to contain both Gmail and Good then I could live with the smaller screen. In this case though wide and a Hub that works will keep me on the Passport for a while.

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    11-15-15 01:21 PM
  2. deadcowboy's Avatar
    The SE is without a doubt better. But the OG is cooler looking and slightly smaller. I actually find the square corners of the OG easier to grip while typing (the SE likes to slip a little).

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    11-15-15 03:34 PM
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    I had both and I am back with the OG. I would have loved to keep the SE as the keyboard improved over the OG and it just feels more premium.

    But I tried two SE's and both had an issue with screen lifting off on the right-hand upper corner. I guess I had bad luck with the two devices but eventually returned to an OG - and love it, too.

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    I had this too, seems to be a common issue with the SE.

    I also just prefer the look and feel of the original. The extra size of the SE does make a difference imo
    11-23-15 06:53 AM
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    I have both the OG for work and the SE for play. The keyboard alone make the SE a much for enjoyable device to use since it is much softer and easier to type on.

    I prefer the look and feel of the SE as well. I always have found the back of the OG to get a slimy feeling when holding it. Slightly sweaty fingers with that weird rubber back never felt right. The SE has a better textured back, making it more enjoyable to hold and grip.

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    11-23-15 07:26 AM
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    I don't want to derail this thread too much, but I also don't want to start another thread for such a similar question.

    So, the differences between the OG ans SE are; A) keyboard, B) cosmetic, C) dimensions.

    Can anyone compare the SE to the AT&T Passport. I read Bla1ze's review and he seems to like the SE over the AT&T, but says that the keyboard is the same. So, have any of you guys had both those?

    I can get a pretty nice price on the AT&T Passport. My major beef with the OG is the stiffness of the keys and if that's taken care of with the AT&T Passport, then I'd may consider switching to it.
    11-23-15 09:35 AM
  6. Mr Barkers's Avatar
    I don't think the AT&T keyboard is the same as the SE. I have tried both, and own the SE, and definitely feel that the SE keyboard is softer and more comfortable to use overall. If it's a marginal price increase, I'd go for the SE. If it's a big difference, than get the AT&T version which looks good as well.

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    11-23-15 11:56 AM
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