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    Recently update my Passport and lost the functionality for display trending topics in Twitter app.

    Is there any way to get the old version? (sorry I don't remember the version number), is there any repo site where can I download? Would it be possible to get that app downloading an old OS version and extract the bar and install via Sachesi?

    Help is very welcome

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    12-04-16 10:08 AM
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    Have been asking for this for a long time. The only response I get is to use the voice assistant. No I want the bar file if possible

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    12-04-16 10:14 AM
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    Well, I got the bar file (old version) in an old update and extracted with Sachesi, then installed with the Google extension BB10 / PlayBook App Manager v.2.2.2

    You can grab the old and "working" Trending Topics version in the link below



    Now my Twitter is working again
    12-05-16 03:59 PM
  4. ryder55's Avatar
    I did extract that from sachesi too, but my trending topic doesn't work. Surprised yours is working

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    12-05-16 08:16 PM
  5. Rendergroup's Avatar
    I just overwrite the file using Google Chrome, nothing else.
    12-05-16 09:25 PM
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    I just overwrite the file using Google Chrome, nothing else.
    Yeahhh buddy! Thanks. Figured it out now.

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    12-05-16 09:48 PM