11-26-18 03:37 PM
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  1. aullak's Avatar
    The last blackberry I used was BB Bold 4 and after that I've been using Samsung Note Series, I sold my Note 5 and bought myself a BB Passport as a standby device untill my note 7 gets delivered which may happen by end of september. My query here is that when I am using Keyboard sometimes the cursor jumps to the begning of the sentence from middle of sentence, and Some times the light on the keyboard has a breathing backlight keyboard is the a Bug or I am missing something.
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    09-01-16 08:02 AM
  2. BB_makes_it_happen's Avatar
    The keyboard doubles as the mouse pad. Could this be the cause? Lift fingers a bit higher?

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    09-02-16 11:50 PM
  3. pale_face's Avatar
    Since my beloved 9900 bit the dust a couple of years back I've wandered the wilderness, trying other phones....Apple and Samsung mostly, with a Q10 and Classic thrown in for good measure.

    And now, 2 days ago, my wandering has ceased. I'm in possession of a new Black Passport, and also the knowledge that I should've bought it two years ago.

    What a phone! The only way I can see me getting rid of it is when they bring out a new one. Love it.

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    09-05-16 06:47 PM
  4. sid0074u's Avatar
    Super exited to get a passport silver today, looks amazing!! maybe it's kinda late but so called Apps r not that imp as I have a 2nd iphone... It needs a bit of learning curve.. but not a issue as a web developer Official "I got my Passport" Thread-img_20160906_165437.jpg
    09-06-16 07:54 AM
  5. lacruise's Avatar
    i need to sell my beloved Z30 to have one of these...
    09-07-16 08:29 AM
  6. sid0074u's Avatar
    i need to sell my beloved Z30 to have one of these...
    I will suggest go for it, won't be disappointed if you are not into too many apps.
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    09-08-16 06:23 AM
  7. tyduz01's Avatar
    I just love it. Got my SE last month! Takes some time to adapt to the format and the physical keyboard. Switched back to BB after 1 Android phone. So excited to have a physical keyboard again. Always loved my good old Torch 9800. It lasted years and is still functioning! Well anyway, PP rocks, long live Blackberry phones!

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    09-19-16 07:21 AM
  8. hearsay_bb's Avatar
    I love seeing pictures of people getting their new blackberry...
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    09-24-16 06:31 PM
  9. hearsay_bb's Avatar
    got mine yesterday! love at first sight!
    09-24-16 06:34 PM
  10. Niallac's Avatar
    Got my 'liquidation' Passport (white) today. It's hooked up to Link right now, getting the latest OS.

    What an absolute beast it is. It's basically a solid hunk of metal (stainless? Can't be, would be 50g heavier, surely?) which looks like it would survive a nuclear holocaust. Build quality and industrial design puts me in mind of my 2006 IBM Lenovo ThinkPad, which still looks new and is going strong.

    Why did BlackBerry not release a pouch for this thing? Have had to buy a PDAir one, which is pretty sweet, but adds about 2/8'' in bulk...

    Software update at 73%! Gaaaahhh! Failed on first attempt due to massive iPad backup forgotten about on the HDD of the ThinkPad... What the Donald Duck are we going to do when RIM pull the update servers in 2018? CB heroes will host the autoloaders... Ranting now, just finished work and it's nearly 3am here. Gotta calm down and go to bed, kids will be up in 3.5hrs... more scotch...

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    09-29-16 09:51 PM
  11. MrSuit's Avatar
    Got a new PP SE last week, such a thrill to use the device.

    It's superb at things that it does best - work and personal space for documents, managing / editing docs, emails, a very good camera.

    Now just need some good contacts on my BBM....

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    09-29-16 10:21 PM
  12. readeharfield's Avatar
    New BlackBerry Passport owner. Z30 still working great but at the reduced price just had to get one.

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    09-30-16 07:42 AM
  13. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    My new Passport SE was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday evening.

    It is the most uniquely amazing phone I have ever seen and I look forward to using it for years to come!

    Doesnt it look amazing alongside my modded Q10?

    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-photo-sep-29-6-28-38-pm.jpg

    Posted from my Passport SE via CB10
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    09-30-16 08:46 AM
  14. Liejanda's Avatar
    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-img_3854.jpg

    Very excited about it ^_^

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    09-30-16 10:33 AM
  15. cleveland216's Avatar
    got mine! Downgraded from a Priv.
    I was wondering what the fuss was all about so I talked my wife into spending the $250 it cost for the unlocked white Passport.
    A few comments tho:
    1. Love it!
    2. Out of the 10 must-have Android apps (such as Starbucks and Xiialive) only one does not work - OpenVPN. I'm ok with this for now. I have to find another way to get to my OwnCloud securely.
    3. Probably would have been better off with a Classic. (can't one-hand type on the Passport, and I still miss the toolbelt from my Bold 9930, but the gestures in BB10 make up for it)
    4. I must say the performance and app speeds, even android apps, bluetooth, Hub, wide screen, BATTERY LIFE - I'm really impressed and satisfied
    2 weeks in and I have not missed my Priv, apparently I'm not a huge Android fan. As long as BB10 is around I'm buying, dead OS or not. I'm still running Mavericks on my Macbook with iTunes downgraded to 10.7 for pete's sake!!
    09-30-16 11:43 AM
  16. BB_makes_it_happen's Avatar
    I would say it the same way!

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    10-01-16 01:16 AM
  17. Seff5677's Avatar
    I just received my passport SE from shop BlackBerry in Canada. I figured for the fire sale price I couldn't drop the opportunity to have this phone that I never had a chance to use in the past. This is my secondary device once I sell of my note 5 and get the new 7 plus which will be my daily driver.

    This is just a solid piece of metal here. Feels very nice to hold in the hand. Still getting used to the keyboard. Definitely a different typing experience. I think I have a very slight case of the screen lift on the top side of the frame it's just ever so slightly taller than the frame of the phone, and it's a tiny bit mushy if you push the screen down a bit. But if it doesn't change then I'll be just fine.

    The big screen on this phone is so nice to look at and very bright. Keyboard has nice pushy keys to it kinda feels similar to my old classic that I recently sold. Not to mention that the speakers on this are pretty loud.

    Anyways think I'll definitely be browsing this forum a lot more now and being more active. I enjoyed typing this post lol.

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    10-01-16 12:07 PM
  18. peterburns's Avatar
    So cool to see many new Passport users. I still love mine - and can't imagine not having it. I do use a Note 5 and iPhone 6 as side phones for certain apps, but the Note or iPhone just can't compare IMO. I purchased a few extra just so I never run out BEST phones ever ~!! Also, the clearance prices are amazing - to anyone on the fence - just do it - you will not be disappointed.
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    10-02-16 12:22 AM
  19. sooksook's Avatar
    Former Bold, Curve, Q10 and Priv owner here. I'll admit, when the Passport first came out I called it ugly. My fascination has been strangely growing with the phone and when I saw the SE, it only made it worse. Funny that i waited until now to finally pick one up! Not-so-patiently awaiting it's delivery right now... Have been using a Motorola 'Droid for now but regret getting rid of my Priv with its physical keyboard. Will probably keep both phones so as not to have the dreaded app gap.
    10-05-16 02:27 AM
  20. to boldly go's Avatar
    edit: I never see my titles here when I title my replies: this one is called:

    I Got My Silver Yippee!! ; )

    This seems so much better to hold than the square bottom corner thing, just as I suspected. The keyboard is less pronounced; so far I like the keyboard on the White better, but still getting used to it.

    Just wait til I get my leather back case for it, it will look So Fine.

    I sure wish they made a Passport with a tool belt, still.

    Anybody who doesn't think this is a Must-Have at $300 is sorely mistaken, and I think they will be hard to get soon.
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    10-05-16 01:46 PM
  21. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello today received my second Passport just could not resist getting the Red Machine...yes Passport Limited Edition RED! Will join my SE. Feels so good to start up a 10OS device!!

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    10-05-16 05:52 PM
  22. Coloradas's Avatar
    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-20161006_002425.jpg

    Like a violinist on the Titanic, I'll be too busy playing/working to my heart's content to notice the inevitable descent into darkness. This thing is awesome.
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    10-06-16 02:45 AM
  23. bran_winterfell's Avatar
    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-passport.jpg

    I was really sad when I finnally realised that there will be no real new blackberry devices anymore.
    So I decided to buy a last one and got my black passport today. My wife wasn't amused, bexause my Z10 is still working like a charm, but it's a great feeling to see an touch these great device. To say the truth, I don't know if the size and the keyboard of the passport will work for me, but just to see it lying here on my desk makes me happy and sad. I gues I'm getting old somehow .

    And I don't want to change to Samsung or Apple...
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    10-06-16 03:08 PM
  24. last_attempt's Avatar
    Mine just came, it's awesome!
    10-07-16 03:17 PM
  25. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Mine just came, it's awesome!
    Congrats! 📣

    TMO  PP SE,SQW100-4/
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    10-07-16 03:32 PM
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