11-26-18 03:37 PM
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  1. Telespielstube's Avatar
    Here is mine

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    03-31-15 05:21 AM
  2. AsianGloBo's Avatar
    Left Verizon today and receiving my ATT Passport tomorrow!!
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    04-01-15 12:59 AM
  3. TerribleTim68's Avatar
    Just got my AT&T Passport last night. Initial impressions:
    • Yup, it's pretty big. (that's what she said)
    • Still getting use to the physical keyboard after being on all-touch Blackberrys for several years (first Torch, then Z10). But so far I like it.
    • Still getting use to the "trackball" abilities of the keyboard, too use to just using the touchscreen to scroll.
    • Screen resolution is amazing! Seriously, I can't stress this enough!
    • I find that I actually love the screen size. The added real estate over my Z10 is awesome.
    • It still fits in my front pocket of my jeans, I can even drive my car with it in that pocket. So it's not too huge.

    I'm sure there's more, but I've only had a few hours to play with it. So far I'm really loving it.
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    04-01-15 01:00 PM
  4. zombiecupcake's Avatar
    Test drove one a few times and finally got one, a lovely hand-me-down from my sister
    Still not used to how huge it is but with time I'm sure I'll get used to it.
    04-01-15 09:35 PM
  5. nicky_willz's Avatar
    Switched from iPhone 5s to BB Passport (White) about a week ago. Absolutely loving this BBP it allows me to be organized and efficient and the swipe technology amongst other features are intuitive and iconic.
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    04-01-15 09:42 PM
  6. kertong's Avatar
    Hey folks! Just got my (real) passport - an interesting story if you care:

    When I first saw the previews of the blackberry passport back in 2014, I was *really* intrigued. Time went on though, and I ended up buying an iPhone 6. Typo after typo though, and a battery life that wasn't so great, I remembered the passport, and was back to looking at them, reading reviews, watching youtube videos, etc.

    My last BB was a storm 2 - I may be in the minority, but I absolutely loved it. So on one hand, I was kind of excited to go back to blackberry - but on the other hand, I was so used to iphones and androids, and the landscape has changed so much since, that I was a bit hesitant.

    I figured I'd save a few bucks, and bought a passport from a guy I met on craigslist. The scumbag seemed nice enough at first, gave me all the time I needed at a starbucks to inspect the phone. Everything looked great, everything worked, so I took the phone, and got a pretty good deal on it.

    Few days later, I notice the unit is always warm and the battery life isn't so great. I also notice that the back is a flat/smooth black from top to bottom, without the chrome strip (and is missing the chrome ring around the camera lens). I post a thread on reddit to ask, and learn that this is a pre-production test/review unit that was not meant to be sold, and was most likely stolen. UGH!!

    I felt dirty, and bad - I initially was going to sell the preproduction unit at a huge loss with disclaimers, but thanks to a kind BB employee who saw my post, he put me in touch with blackberry legal to return the device to them and possibly be reimbursed. That's up in the air now. But he also gave me a code for $100 off, so I placed my order for a brand new passport - this is what I should have done in the first place instead of trying to cut corners.

    Either way, lesson learned - my new passport is here! The differences I notice between the preproduction unit and this one:
    1) made in mexico, vs. made in canada
    2) preproduction unit had uneven keyboard backlighting - the middle area was dim. The new one is evenly lit throughout.
    3) The chrome strip and chrome ring around the camera lens is now present on the new one, of course.
    4) The camera module (the square) is slightly smaller in the preproduction unit.
    5) Color LED! The preproduction only showed a red LED and I could not figure out how to change the colors for notifications, despite being on the latest software release and OS.
    6) Keyboard on the new unit is just as clickly, but takes a little less effort. Small but noticeable improvement in typing experience.
    7) Screen is brighter, and slightly warmer at neutral display color balance settings.
    8) Screen on the pre production unit had a slight "shimmer" / faint flicker in the dark, like a flourescent light that's about to die.
    9) under the rear cover, sim/sd markings are missing in the preproduction unit, along with the sd card sleeve being different
    10) the rear memory/sim card cover was super loose on the preproduction unit, and the chin underneath the letter "c/v" creaked loudly if I pressed on it.
    11) I feel awesome for having given BB well deserved money for a legit product, and feel super dirty about paying some steroided up scumbag for a stolen unit.

    Photos for comparison: (great, I don't have 10 posts so I can't post my imgur link).

    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-img_0858.jpgOfficial "I got my Passport" Thread-img_0859.jpgOfficial "I got my Passport" Thread-img_0860.jpgOfficial "I got my Passport" Thread-img_0861.jpg
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    04-01-15 11:30 PM
  7. legend921's Avatar
    I just received my Passport on Saturday! I am not going to lie, I am very impressed with what Blackberry was able to do. My previous phone was a Nokia 930 and a HTC One M8 (Android). I like to try out all the operating systems and switch from time to time and see what others have to offer. Right now, I am definitely enjoying my Passport. It feels nice in the hand and it is nice to have a physical keyboard. Also a big plus is the look of the phone! It is just different than all the other candy bar shape phone out there. Right now, I can deal with the App Gap since I was on Windows Phone prior.

    One thing I am missing is the Navigation app, HERE. I really like that app due to its offline support and also the banking apps. I tried getting one to work but to no avail. Well, that's all right I still have a Nexus tablet to do the banking and whatever else I can't. I am not a big fan of Google anymore so I have been reducing my alliance with their products.

    Other than that. This phone just rocks. Its not as big as I thought and definitely love the battery life!
    04-06-15 04:09 AM
  8. Winescope's Avatar
    Interesting story and neat to see how the prototype and production versions differ.
    04-06-15 10:54 AM
  9. AsianGloBo's Avatar
    5 Days with my ATT Passport so far and i am loving itttttttt!!!!! ATT Service isnt too bad either, Verizon still better in that dept
    04-06-15 07:40 PM
  10. naeem5oh's Avatar
    ‎Hey guys I picked up a unlocked red passport from amazon about a week ago and just wanted to introduce myself and give my first thoughts on this phone. I just replaced my iPhone 6 plus from att that I've had since launch day and have been a loyal apple user for the past 3 yes. The passport is my first BlackBerry device and I have to say I'm impressed. My main reason for this decision was because I found myself spending too much time on my phone and it was becoming a terrible habit, so I decided to get a phone meant for business (which should workout since I own my own business) I love typing on the physical keyboard a lot! Battery life is really good but then again I don't use my phone much now also having a square screen sucks for videos but the passport has very good colors and quality! So far the phone is doing a great job keeping me focused on more important things rather then checking social media feeds and watching vines and etc.

    On to things I don't like...
    - the camera takes forever To focus
    - the phone tends to freeze randomly, especially on text messages
    - the screen flickers
    - notifications on the lock screen are not accurate (I'll tend to find texts at the end of the day that show I checked them but never knew I even received them)

    I've read that there's a leaked update that fixes a lot of these issues so if someone could be kind enough to show me how to get that it would be much appreciated! Other then that things are going well lo
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    04-07-15 12:40 PM
  11. theyrebackberry's Avatar

    Sitting here like a six year old on christmas eve waiting for my Passport to be delivered. Still got a couple of months to run on my old 9320 contract but couldn't wait any longer. Paid a grand total of... nothing. Got it on O2, gonna shove a 3 sim in it though and take advantage of the unlimited 4G data. They'll regret offering that deal before long, if I have anything to do with it. Even got a buyer for the redundant O2 sim.

    Phone history? Pretty laughable really, I shunned smartphones for years and eventually gave in with the aforementioned 9320 only when I retired and VM offered me a ridiculously cheap deal (I already had my home internet with them). When I was working, the only escape I got from having to read reams of stupid pointless emails was when I was out of the office; a smartphone was the last thing I wanted. Now I'm retired, different story.

    Why Passport? Simple. I haven't been excited or moved in any way whatsoever by a piece of tech in about 20 years. Passport changed that, from the first moment I saw it, there's just something about it that keeps nagging at you and... other phones you look at and don't even remember the name. Passport won't let you forget it. A few months down the line and it's reached the point where I just have to have it. Other major selling points were of course the keyboard, plenty of grunt, enormous battery and big screen that doesn't require compound eyes.

    Maybe slightly premature given the title of the thread. Still, why change the habit of a lifetime?

    Edit: also, if anyone wants a free white Encase wallet/stand for their Passport, just holler. Ordered a white Passport, then ordered the wallet elsewhere, then discovered they've got no white Passports left and they're not getting any more.
    Last edited by theyrebackberry; 04-09-15 at 09:49 PM. Reason: Senility
    04-09-15 07:34 PM
  12. theyrebackberry's Avatar
    Also if anyone knows of an elephant in need of a pair of earphones, again, just holler.
    04-10-15 03:30 PM
  13. phantomenix's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    EX-Boyfriend of the BB9700 checking in with a Passport, ditching my Android and IOS for good!

    Was waiting for the black one for 2 weeks at Malaysia (out of stock at my place, only white and red available at ridiculous price).. Finally able to get it today!

    Had to drive and queue for a total of 3 hours to get my Passport and I must say, its really impressive! Those 10-20 reviews I've watch on Youtube sure didn't BS me!

    I'm home, Blackberry!
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    04-11-15 09:49 AM
  14. Shugs81's Avatar
    Hey guys! Got my passport yesterday morning and I have to say I'm totally in love with it...

    I've been an android man since the HTC hero.. but I always seemed to go for the rubbish ones or get a slightly broken one... tried a couple of blackberry's too but seemed to get the one model that seemed to be impossible to get a case for!!!

    Anyway... amazed at the battery life... it seems to fit so well in my hands when typing one they keyboard... so much better than touchscreen typing!!!

    Also love that I can get some google apps working... some issues there but that's for another thread... overall? Probs the last phone I'll have till the passport 2!!!
    04-12-15 04:01 AM
  15. dcorx's Avatar
    I got the red passport, this phone rocks! Has taken some time to get used to the form factor and having a keyboard again! Last time I had a physical keyboard was 2009.

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-15 01:25 PM
  16. deezy87's Avatar
    Loved the device so much, I went nuts and ordered a bunch!

    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-img_20150414_151623.jpg

    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-img_20150415_004548_hdr.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-15 02:20 PM
  17. StringDriver's Avatar
    I picked up my new Passport yesterday at ATT...

    I researched, etc., until I was sick of researching. This is a device that I played with for a while before deciding. Classic next to Passport and back and forth.

    The Passport is really amazing. I've been a BB users for the past 12 or so years... with the 9900 being the Clint Eastwood of Blackberries... day in and day out...

    Tried a Classic in Feb and returned it... bought a used Z10 from ebay and luckily never gave into just standing up, straightening my tie and
    throwing that phone from the 3rd floor window.

    HATED the touchscreen keyboard. "I hear you" corrected to "I heat you" ??? WTF?? Two NORMAL words, why is one being substituted...nearly sending a message to a different client because the text select was unusable by me... bla bla bla...

    Blackberry and ATT are making a huge mistake not having the Passport in every store.

    I've never been so amazed by a phone before... The form factor is perfect for me. My hands aren't huge, and I was worried the whole "wierd-ish" thing woud be a hangup, and it's something that occupied only a blip on myradar. All of that disappears while you can CHUG away at getting the work done.

    BRAVO, Blackberry.

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    04-16-15 12:13 AM
  18. Christene101's Avatar
    Have phone now for about 3 weeks, at&t is a hater of bb, bought 4 cases,none fit. Went into store, none for sale. Sales rep had nothing positive to say bout BlackBerry. So far loving the phone,more than my note. A few set backs, battery drains way to fast, no accessories for the at&t BlackBerry passport. Unable to put apps on SD card.

    Posted via CB10
    04-18-15 05:55 PM
  19. nidaime's Avatar
    I got my BB White Passport 2 months ago and I'm loving it.

    The physical keyboard in combi with the virtual keyboard took time for me to get used to but after a week of using it, I can type my messages as fast as I can type on my PC keyboard. I love this phone way better than my Z10.
    04-20-15 01:33 AM
  20. bhrgvr's Avatar
    Got mine tonight... easily the best BlackBerry I have owned so far. No wonder it won the red dot. Way to go BlackBerry...

    Posted via CB10
    04-20-15 03:05 PM
  21. blazinfashion's Avatar
    Still in love with this phone. Had it for about 6 weeks now, and its novelty has not worn off. I am consistently impressed with this awesome device.

    Posted via CB10
    04-20-15 09:20 PM
  22. ejsoria's Avatar
    Yeahhhh! Got my Passport here in Argentina!!! So happy!

    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-img00035-20150415-1653.jpg

    Posted via CB10
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    04-20-15 09:32 PM
  23. je1992's Avatar
    Got mine 3 days ago. Still getting to know all of the shortcuts but loving it so far. Blazing speed, enormous battery life, and really beautiful screen! Also, I noticed that people either love it when they see it or completely hate it, there is no middle ground.
    04-23-15 05:30 PM
  24. Harveysjag's Avatar
    I just got my Passport last night! I spent time setting it up and ATT gave me trouble.. So i havn't had a chance to really use it. I am at work where we can not use our phones, so I have been texting, emailing, etc. on blackberry blend!!!! I can't wait to dive into it!! I have come from Nokia communicators, Nokia N900, and Galaxy Notes and Dell streak 5, htc Advantage(by far the biggest phone). so it feels at home in my hand!
    04-24-15 03:34 PM
  25. anon(9175377)'s Avatar
    Received mine a week ago. Really nice, bright screen. The keyboard feels great even though I'm still struggling with having to use both physical and virtual keyboards but it is just a matter of time! I'm in France and some BB fans here wish the AT&T 'rounded corner' version were available here too!
    04-25-15 04:39 PM
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