09-22-18 03:38 PM
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  1. BCGrog's Avatar
    I got mine today. My son's iPhone 6 got here the same day. It's hard to articulate the feelings when comparing the two. The iPhone is so... not exciting, boring and average while this Passport sweats innovation, wow factor, exciting new features, and the future.

    I'm getting used to the keyboard. I keep hitting the z key for the alternate! I came from a Q10 which I loved, which explains why I keep doing that.

    Having no problems with the space key location. Loving the characters above the keys. Way better than scrunching my thumbs in the bottom left of the keyboard on the Q for Alt and shift for characters.

    Screen is sharp. Websites are a breeze to surf now. Nice to see whole sites and not "mobile" versions.

    I work in civil engineering and shortly after I activated my Passport I received a set of drawings to review and an Excel spreadsheet. Holy moly what a difference. With other phones I usually defaulted to cracking open the laptop to review those types of documents. Today I was able to complete my full reviews on the Passport and not squint at all.


    I love this phone.

    Best part - my son keeps setting his iPhone 6 down and is exploring my Passport. He's already bored with his. LOL!

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    10-02-14 11:47 PM
  2. Agatonga's Avatar
    Micro SIM or Nano SIM? I'm upgrading form a Q10, just wondering if I have to go to the Rogers store to get a new card.

    ...and congrats.
    NANO. Smaller than Q10

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    10-03-14 01:12 AM
  3. Skrypno's Avatar
    After a crucial wait on Wednesday Oct 1st from Customs in Spain, I have finally received my Passport this Friday morning Oct 3rd. Can't wait to finish work today to set up this beast!
    10-03-14 06:19 AM
  4. cajualaddict's Avatar
    Got mine last night.!!! Now I need a case
    10-03-14 02:40 PM
  5. footmatix's Avatar
    Yeah, I hear you. I had to settle for a BB Hard Case cover in the mean time. (Not my style).

    can't wait for leather folio style to be available, I checked the Noreve site and it's not up yet....
    10-03-14 02:49 PM
  6. Adif_70's Avatar
    Just picked mine up from Bell. Amazing. Fantastic screen. Will take some getting used to the keyboard however I like the track pad already. Had to go to Telus to pick up a case and screen protector.
    The buzz was very much there at both stores.
    Took a few photos and they look very good.

    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-img_20141003_194852.jpg

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    10-03-14 06:56 PM
  7. fireedo's Avatar
    Count me in.... New Blackberry Passport user from Indonesia... This is the most expensive mobile phone that I ever bought, well it is worth it
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    10-03-14 07:44 PM
  8. PeterC4's Avatar
    Got one today to test at my office. Fast, easy to read, good for business. Looks funny. Makes me want it even more.
    10-03-14 08:59 PM
  9. si001's Avatar
    Finally got mine! yay! Took me less time then I taught to get use to the size, it's great! Still need a bit of practice with the KB, but love it so far.
    10-03-14 11:18 PM
  10. zocster's Avatar
    Finally got mine! yay! Took me less time then I taught to get use to the size, it's great! Still need a bit of practice with the KB, but love it so far.
    Congrats! Can't wait for mine!

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    10-03-14 11:23 PM
  11. manniiiii's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    i got my passport on thursday and i absolutely LOVE IT I used an iPhone 5s before but the gorgeous battery life (unplugged passport on friday at 8:30 am and right now, saturday 2:40 pm, I still have more than 50 % left!!) and the big screen of passport is just amazing.

    Well done Blackberry! Keep fighting Chen, you can bring Blackberry BACK!!
    10-04-14 07:41 AM
  12. Ramchi's Avatar
    Did anyone get completely black (without silver lining)?
    10-04-14 10:03 AM
  13. igotrocks's Avatar
    Picked mine up this morning. First impression: Dabomb! Quite I bit of work to set up.
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    10-04-14 11:19 AM
  14. si001's Avatar
    Did anyone get completely black (without silver lining)?
    It's available to buy, I taught it was custom?

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    10-04-14 12:57 PM
  15. timeride's Avatar
    just fully charged my passport and the battery usage graph states that i have only 7 hours of battery time remaining??? anyone here have the same experience? i was expecting better
    What does fully charged mean? Full as to what the software indicators says full?

    I always fully charge, especially new batteries, by time limit of say no less than 48hrs uninterrupted.

    Although tough to fight the temptation to play with it early should always try to do this for new rechargeable devices.

    Try a total drain of battery then try the 48hr charge. This may help improve your charging problem.
    10-04-14 05:24 PM
  16. timeride's Avatar
    yes just got it and the battery gives me 8 hours at most. not playing games or watching videos
    I ordered my passport last night....waiting on shipping now, will read the paperwork that comes with and see what they recommend initial charge time to be. I'll report back then after my 48hr charge.
    10-04-14 05:27 PM
  17. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    I received my passport the second day Rogers sent out a text indication that it was shipped. My first impression was the size. I wouldn't fit into a shirt pocket but pant and coat pockets are larger so it was fine. The hard shell case has a rubbery feel causing it to sort of get stuck in pant pockets so I had to be really grippy with the device to make sure it wouldn't fly out of my hands. I tend to be a bit buttery in my hands so I have to really pay attention to the size of the device.

    After using the device on browser and opening tiles on the main screen, I am now totally appreciating the size. You can do way more multitasking on the main screen MUCH more so than any blackberry Ive ever used. Its fantastic for that it really made it more productive for me at work. I need access to calendar, contacts to maintain my customer appointments on a daily basis. I use to use a blackberry and android tablet to accomplish what I need the devices to do for me BUT I no longer use the tablet.

    SO all in all it has made my work more productive. OS 10.3 is ultra fluid and quick. Once you fully accustom yourself to the tap, flick, and swipe motions you'll move from one task to another fast.
    10-05-14 10:29 AM
  18. LegB4Wicket's Avatar
    Lovely! Can't wait until I receive mine.
    10-05-14 12:01 PM
  19. Blue787's Avatar
    I've got mine and I'm afraid to touch it. Lol
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    Love the photo, looks super classy ! Congrats !

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    10-05-14 07:33 PM
  20. rmigisi's Avatar
    5 days and counting..an immersive,relearning and beautiful experience ��
    10-05-14 10:10 PM
  21. VanTryumf's Avatar
    Passport in hand! The complimentary support is a very nice touch.

    Passwords were attempted while the device was in my pocket. I pull the passport out and I was on my 5th failed attempt. Prompt your device will be erased after 10 failed attempts..But my password didn't work...and after 5 tries the passport frooze and erased everything. I was left with a dead phone. It would have been horrible if I needed to call an ambulance or the fire service. I was able to reload everything after 2 hours but this was a major headache. I commend blackberry for the security hence why I bought a Blackberry in the first place, however a device wipe after pocket dialing caused most of the failed attempts is not security its a programming error. I still like the passport but am now investing in a holster.

    Heads up!

    10-06-14 11:20 AM
  22. robert_in_la's Avatar
    I don't wish ill on anyone, but if the person who came up with the 3 row idea happened to get gout, shingles, or some other moderately painful/inconveniencing (yet treatable) ailment, I'd take some comfort that perhaps he/she is being fairly punished for foisting this design feature upon us. .
    You do realize its only a phone and you didn't have to buy it. However wishing someone a physical illness (in your passive aggressive statement) and that you would take comfort in knowing that is just plain F'd up. Honestly you sound like a miserable excuse for a human being. I really hope you say that kind of nonsense to a persons face one day, so that they can slapped the taste clean out of your mouth. Pathetic... truly pathetic.
    10-06-14 11:21 AM
  23. Shersss's Avatar
    Official "I got my Passport" Thread-blackberry-passport-1-_edit.jpg

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    10-06-14 11:29 AM
  24. Jaerho's Avatar
    I got mine from Telus and then unlocked it thru blackberrycodesource.com, who were awesome to deal with. I made a mistake with my IMEI # and they helped me out with no issues.

    I am using the Passport on Rogers network and I also cut down my sim card which was real easy too.

    I am very happy with the Passport and getting use to using a real keyboard again.
    10-06-14 01:06 PM
  25. LordCrankypants's Avatar
    just fully charged my passport and the battery usage graph states that i have only 7 hours of battery time remaining??? anyone here have the same experience? i was expecting better
    What the device monitor reports is based pretty much entirely on what you are currently doing with your phone (or have done recently) and the assumption on the OS' part that you will continue doing that until the battery dies. If you're doing something resource intensive and then check your battery monitor, you will get a different estimation of the remaining battery life than if you weren't doing something resource intensive, even if the battery is at the same level of charge. It totally depends on how you're using your phone at the time you check it.

    At the end of the day, it's just a guess from the OS. I've had a couple of days where the DM said I only had 6 hours of battery life and I ended up getting over 24. Total estimation based on current usage. The DM cannot truly predict the future.


    Posted internationally thanks to my Passport
    10-06-14 02:18 PM
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