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    Wow I had the weirdest thing happen. I obtained a new domain name, and my goal (eventually accomplished) was to change my email address from me@olddomain.com (hosted by Office 365) to me@newdomain.com (also at O668), without creating a new Office 365 account for myself.

    It turns out this isn't too hard. Just add the new email address to the O365 account as an alias, and then set it as the primary. It is necessary to set up a new Outlook profile. No big deal. It also is necessary to set up a new account on the BlackBerry using the new email address. Again, no big deal.

    Or so I thought. The issue I hit was having both my old and new email accounts (which were, in fact, the same O365 mailbox) set up on my Passport simultaneously. For some reason, this drove my Passport crazy. Battery plummeted from about 80% to zero--literally zero% charge (which I didn't think was possible) and stayed there even with the phone plugged in. And of course it was running hot, too. And super sluggish.

    The weird thing is that according to device monitor, the phone did not use much data during this time. It must have just been churning the CPU like mad.

    Everything resolved once I deleted my "olddomain.com" account. But wow.

    So bottom line, campers, be warned that the phone does not like having two accounts installed that access the same mailbox.

    P.S. And since the natural question is why did I want both accounts installed at the same time anyway..it was just for testing the email migration since I had never done that before.

    PassportSQW100-1/ posted via CB10
    11-29-15 01:38 PM
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    Wow thanks for the tip.
    11-29-15 10:09 PM

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