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    I'm using a passport. For first time I'm using it outside with snow and subzero temps and seeing wonky touchscreen behavior. It's swiping stuff I didn't mean to. Or maybe it's the android app I just installed. Although now that I'm inside it works fine.

    Anyone seen something similar? I still have the film that came with it on the screen for protection if it makes a difference.

    Edit: it's actually the touch keyboard acting strange. Not the screen. I realized my post was not clear enough.
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    11-16-14 11:47 AM
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    Noticed the same with the keyboard in cold temperatures. No big deal for me and this is not the first time I have seen this behaviour of a smartphone. Not nice but I can handle it. This is not a Nokia 6210. ;-)

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    11-16-14 12:10 PM
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    So un-install the android app and see if your Passport does it again outside???

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    11-16-14 12:47 PM

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