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    I am planning to get a white Passport as soon as possible. In preparation for this, I have been watching video reviews of the Passport and I noticed something. Crackberry Kevin said it when he reviewed the Passport: you need to take time with this phone. Many of the indie reviewers have done just that, taking a few weeks or even a month to evaluate the device.

    However, some of the larger sites (like the Verge) enthusiastically panned the Passport. And why, you ask? Too wide, bad keyboard, not enough apps.

    I have watched easily fifteen different indie reviews of the Passport in the past 2 days and the majority had balanced things to say about the device. It wasn't the best in all categories, but it was satisfying to use and had very little in the way of shortcomings according to the reviewers. My favorites were Phone Dog's Cam Bunton and Erica the Tech Nerd who likes to film stuff, as they both took a month to use it as their only devices AND took suggestions for applications (Snap and Cobalt's Google Play stuff, Blaq and Twittly for Twitter clients, and iGrann for Instagram, etc.). To me, this shows a willingness to review the actual device.

    Of course the app selection was an issue all around, but many reviewers said the alternatives were oftentimes viable enough to make the Passport usable for them.

    I think because bigger review sites need to crank out so much content, it's easier to praise what people already think is good and shun what is not necessarily popular.

    I think more people will appreciate fair reviews of any and all tech. Give the facts. Say what's good and not so good. Talk about who you believe the device is for in a positive way.

    What do you think?

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    03-04-15 07:43 PM
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    It is a unique device and perhaps not for everyone but I love it and it works very well for my needs.

    As far as the reviews go, when I was looking at purchasing it I stayed a away from the 'test the phone for six hours and decide' reviews. They are fine for android and ioS phones as their changes with the hardware are not that drastic. The Passport however was a huge change: not just in form and screen but input as well. It was pretty obvious this was a device that need a bit of thought and time to make a proper judgment.

    For me I love the Passport's departure from the candybar look. The square screen is more natural for how I use my phone. I am deaf/hard of hearing and use the text and email features of the phone heavily to communicate. I use an android relay app for the phone that let's me see what the other person is saying. The Passport screen does not scrunch the words as all the other phones do. Similarly the screen makes Web browsing a better experience as you do not have to zoom and slide and resize the text all the time to browse a page. Also, as an avid ebook reader, reading book and documents are a better experience in my opinion.

    The key board does require one be open-minded and willing to learn. Having typed primarily on BlackBerry QUERTY key boards I admit it took a week to accept the changes (another reason to reject those 24 hour reviews) and one more to like it. Now after nearly four months of use I can type as well and as fast as I use to on my old phone's board.

    The device is a great one for productivity but perhaps slides a bit from an entertainment standpoint. I cannot speak for music but admittedly the screen is not optimal for watching movies. The camera is sufficient but perhaps not the best out there. Lastly, BlackBerry World and Amazon do not offer the vast choices in applications Apple and Google Play do. Snap and side loading help to minimize this but their are still a number of holes. That said, I have yet to find an app I needed and that observation is based more on the posts of others here on CB.

    In the end it all comes down to what the individual deems as important regarding their use. I use my iPad Mini for games and video, a camera for my camera and my phone to communicate, gather information and as a PDA. Others stress the former three as important features for their phone.

    C'est la vie!

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    03-04-15 09:11 PM
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    I suggest you try inst10 for your instagram use too

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    03-05-15 02:56 AM
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    I suggest you try inst10 for your instagram use too

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    I did. Great stuff!

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    03-05-15 07:19 AM
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    I must admit to being a little perturbed over the naked bias of so many reviewers, especially in light of the fact that the Passport was designed for business. It was not meant to be a media consumption device yet reviewer after reviewer panned it because of just that fact! They complained about it's width while totally ignoring the specific reason for its stout dimensions. They cried about in hand feel, the weight, and overall ergonomics while neglecting to recognize the concept of 'working wide', great battery life solid construction and the ability to do more on the business side and to do it WELL.

    Is the Passport the best smartphone on the market? That is entirely up to the user. Is it worse than every other smartphone available? Looked at objectively it certainly is not and is a great daily driver for those of us that think business first. Complaining about the Passport the way many of the mainstream tech reviewers have is like complaining that a work truck doesn't handle like or have the amenities of a luxury sport sedan.

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