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    So I was driving today, I stop get an email open the PDF on my phone - open in Adobe reader to read it all good. I get back to my office - unlock my computer and there in Bluebeam is the attachment open on my computer. I run Blend. I also lock my computer so no one in my office could have opened the email. I'm not sure how it got there or how it opened on my computer. I checked the time of the email wondering if I may have opened it before I left. But there is no way - I was definitely in transit when I received the email. Can this happen? Is this supposed to happen? Thanks!

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    02-27-15 04:00 PM
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    think that is the purpose of blend so u can transfer from phone to computer or vice versa un interrupted, so if u open a email on your phone it will be open on your computer in blend.
    02-27-15 04:17 PM
  3. Zedd88's Avatar
    Email is synced to your office via Blend. But I believe it should not open in your office Adobe Acrobat reader. It could only mean one thing. Someone (probably you or a third party) opened the PDF manually.

    And if you notice too. When Blend is connected and you read an email via Blend you can actually be doing a different task in your phone (like browsing).

    My Blend is always connected since I enable Blend over mobile network. I also use Blend all the time in my laptop and haven't actually opened my mail client because I use Blend in lieu of my email client. And I can assure you, reading an email in your phone will not open the email in your Blend Program running in your laptop/computer.

    Better change your password in your office computer.

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    03-02-15 05:52 AM
  4. tg1's Avatar
    That's my thought Zedd. So something went kinda funky. Thanks for your response. Much appreciated.

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    03-02-15 02:03 PM

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