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    Hi all,

    I thought I'd share this with you folks... Eastern Canada finally enjoyed a glimpse of summer weather this week-end, and we opened the swimming pool. Towards the end of the afternoon, after having done a few tasks around the house under the sun, it was good to go back in the pool even though the water was still a little bit chilly.

    And then I realized that my key2 remained in my pocket. Ah sh!t.

    (But wait, it's the Passport forum!)

    I need VPN access to work from home, and my token was in the key2. Our family routine is made with me working from home and taking care of bringing our daughter to daycare and stuff. Ouch. (Possibly) broken phone, definitely disturbed family routine, need to commute every day downtown... Meh.

    Then I remembered - I had kept my software token in my Passport before they removed it from BB World. Register the device again, try the token from the passport.... WORKS.

    OK need to stay in touch with my wife (the antenna of the passport was no longer working well) - install Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite from YALP Store. WORKS.

    Ah, my Google Calendar shows up (still using same gmail account). Calendar reminders WORKS.

    Then change the SIM card from the key2 after it dried. No big hope but... never knows...

    OMG. IT WORKS. The signal isn't very strong, but I have three bars outdoor. Good enough.

    The replacement key2 silver should arrive today, but this is now officially BB10 Nostagia Day for me, rockin my trusty Passport SE... only thing not working is the bluetooth, which died long ago!
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    06-10-19 08:32 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    My pool water here is Florida is already getting to the point it's tepid.... Grandkids have been in it for a few months.

    But I feel you pain, have lost more than one family phone to the pool.... And I too had to fall back on my Z10 until a replacement arrived. (one that was water proof)
    06-10-19 08:49 AM
  3. SoundChaser007's Avatar
    Report from a full day with the BB Passport. The signal was actually quite good while I was on the highway. I swear I used to get the "Emergency Call Only" thing in the past with Rogers, but with Bell I was getting the LTE just fine.

    For those who wonder, Blackberry Maps was still working. OMG.
    The Assistant was working great too. OMG.
    The sound quality on speaker mode remains unbeaten, putting any KEYx to shame.

    I received my replacement Key2 a few hours ago (Amazon.ca Warehouse deals, it looks like brand new)... I wonder if I'll keep using my Passport for an extra day before going back to the Key2...
    06-10-19 06:37 PM
  4. Low Joe's Avatar
    Just opened my pool yesterday but the water was to cold to go in. We don't have a heater and the Temps here is southern Ontario have gone down to single digits every night so far

    Posted via CB10
    06-10-19 07:41 PM

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