10-22-17 03:13 PM
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  1. DreadPirateRegan's Avatar
    I wrongly assumed that you were already using an sd card. Of course if you have no media card and store hundreds of pics and videos on your device storage you will use up resources. The single biggest draw of energy from your battery is the screen. Turn it down to a reasonable level and then look at the other measures that we mentioned and that is all you need to do. Put your pics, videos etc on a media card and enjoy your device. It won't make a huge difference.
    Agree as Passport was/is one of the brightest devices in knits (I think that's right) so we have no reason to need it as bright as it allows us to go half way is as bright as most phones but glad the option is there..

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    10-17-17 03:35 PM
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    I suggest to check battery health. If it is below 70% then such battery life as on the first picture is probably reasonable. But if the battery is still fresh with health around 90% then something is wrong. I'd recommend to restart the device and shut down Android apps or even delete them if they are not absolutely necessary. And then to check again.
    10-18-17 05:07 PM
  3. andy957's Avatar
    Battery life on 10.3.3 for Passport is awful.
    10-18-17 06:30 PM
  4. siung6's Avatar
    Without mobile network and WiFi only passport could last for 2 days. With android apps like instagram, I can barely make it a day too. You should be worried if your phone got heat up too often. Most people said it's normal, your phone will get damage permanently.

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    10-19-17 04:03 AM
  5. brookie229's Avatar
    Battery life on 10.3.3 for Passport is awful.
    Maybe for you but not for me -- no difference.

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    10-19-17 07:52 AM
  6. DreadPirateRegan's Avatar
    Battery life on 10.3.3 for Passport is awful.
    This could be true and a shame. Also, it's not the run time if this is indeed the situation as I run with rolled back .172 runtime so showbox works as a few other apps that don't work with the latest run time but I suppose That is another thread entirely.. Anyway,when I had my PPSE on 10.2 and then left for LGV10 then came back as just "missed it" that much and had a great opportunity via OfferUp the experience is still as great as ever minus the battery life isn't as superb as it was prior. The SE in my hands now is and was in Great shape so leaned toward something else... then I looked and my battery life is at 89% with only (at that time) around 250 cycles. I kind of put this out my my thought process until you just said it now. I wouldn't go as far to say it's awful but if comparison to what it was on the prior OS, definitely a difference.

    However, it's allot of things as the android apps is indeed an issue (heat not so much with the 801) and I run 29 of them. I am going to cut back some though. My battery needs to be charged once a day and seems to die faster from 100% to 75% then it does the rest of the way. Also, it makes a big difference to charge it with the proper OEM charger or at least a exact replica specs wise. It'll charge but the battery will die faster. So, I suppose it's allot of things.

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    10-19-17 11:55 AM
  7. falbo's Avatar
    Thanks for all the tips guys. Just checked and all my apps were also ticked for running when minimised so changed them.
    10-22-17 02:50 AM
  8. DreadPirateRegan's Avatar
    Thanks for all the tips guys. Just checked and all my apps were also ticked for running when minimised so changed them.

    Happy for you. Hey, I ran like that for a year before @conite told me not to so don't feel bad. We all learn as we go man! Have a great battery life and an even greater day!


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    10-22-17 03:13 PM
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