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    I have a bit of a problem with the quality of my Noreve Tradition B case which I had mentioned in post 31 of this topic:

    Noreve case for Passport had been review here:
    That review was on the flip case but it gave pretty well the pro and con of Noreve cases in general. For the Tradition B case, a negative is the bulk it adds which more than doubling up the thickness of the phone.

    The form of the case is great, as well as the leather. It looks classy, though it makes the phone much thicker. But my story is on another angle when dealing with Noreve.

    To shortly describe the problem, the stitch line on the clasp was badly sewn. It is at the most obvious part of the case so I picked it out immediately. I went to see two clients later in the day with the case carrying my business cards. Both clients were drawn by the case and asked to see it, and both saw the stitch line right when the case got on their hands. It is that obvious. It really stands out on a very good looking case and leather.

    I wrote to Noreve wondering if a replacement was possible. After having to describe my problems with attached pictures 3 times, a Cynthia replied (That’s right. Just Cynthia, no surname nor whatsoever.) ‘Thank you for your message. I am sorry but I do not see what is the problem.’
    I didn’t know what to make of this, but patiently sent another email detailing the problem again, with a picture in which I marked clearly where the problem was. This time, the same Cynthia replied ‘Thank you for your message. I am really sorry, but it not a defect. This case is made by hand and can not be perfect.’
    So Noreve will recognize a defect, but will deny a badly made product they manufactured. In my case, it is a defect in craftsmanship and poor manufacture. The only demand for perfection is from Noreve themselves, and I as a customer did and do expect a decently made case instead of a badly made product.
    There is this statement on Noreve website ‘Noreve has the good taste of the latest trends, exacting and demanding perfection', and it turned into ‘can not be perfect’ when there was an enquiry.
    And there are also these statement, also from Noreve website:
    'Rigorous and Dynamic After Sales Service',
    And '100% Satisfied Or Your Money Back'.
    The after sales service is just a straight denial and I am not 100% satisfied.
    I had written to Noreve again, pointing out the bad manufacture and poor quality control, with the above quotes from Noreve website. I had also pointed out that while I was entitled to a 7 day return and refund with no question ask as per governed by French Consumer Law, Noreve had delayed in response to my enquiry, questioned me for the reason, and failed to informed me in their reply of my 7 days return right.
    I wrote that to Noreve 3 full working day ago and there has been no response at all. So I think that it is proper time for this review. I guess I have to live with the case now.
    I hope this does not fall into ranting but please do ignore if you find it so. Just be prepared if you have to make a complaint to Noreve.
    Ah, let me tell you another thing. Hand-made or not, the stitch line was sewn with a sewing machine, not hand-sewn, as showed in one of the gif animated picture on Noreve site. And it can be made properly as @Gini.bb has received one here (post 13):
    NOREVE review: Beware of their customer service.-noreve-clasp-e.jpg
    01-20-15 12:05 PM
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    01-20-15 12:52 PM

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