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    I just saw a review of the Note 4
    I will not be purchasing the Note but it made me say Wow!!! I will at least stop by and play with it when it is released.

    Now BlackBerry.

    I did a YouTube search and found this
    which is not really a review but something BlackBerry pulled. There are others things out there but nothing worth posting. I get it and understand why BlackBerry pulled the Carphone Warehouse add. But wouldn't it be advantageous for BlackBerry to put the Passport and Classic in the hands of a few reviewers say Pocket Now, Agent Juicy, CB Blaize/Kevin, Marcus Brown Lee, Lucas N4BB, James BerryFlow...

    I think the Passport is one of the Top 5 most anticipated devices of 2014 among techies.

    A review boasting about the Passport/Classic would be awesome and would only cost BlackBery a device.

    Win win in my opinion.
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    09-06-14 09:18 PM
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    I don't think anyone has a final production device outside of blackberry employees and those lucky people that have signed a nda, so I don't expect to see any reviews until after the official launch. With Kevin being mia as of late, it would not surprise me that he has a final product device and crackberry will post a review seconds after it has been launched on Setp 24th..
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    09-06-14 09:37 PM
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    Exactly what this fine person said above me. I don't think blackberry is going to let anyone do a review of a phone that hasn't officially launched yet.

    I remember when the Z10 launched and CB had a review up 30 seconds later.

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    09-07-14 06:16 AM
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    The review of the Note was posted September 3rd and already has over a half a million Views. The host of the channel has close to a 2 million subscribers so any of his reviews will see a very high number. My thinking is over a half a million views and climbing in just 4 days, likes and comments would be easy once reviewers held the Passport/Classic in their hands. And a win win, in my opinion, once given the chance to feel the quality, elegance and smoothness of the device and 10.3. As stated above this may not happen before launch but why? I guess Chen or the people at BlackBerry are the only ones qualified to answer that.

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