1. Cornishgirl2's Avatar
    Soooooo...I'm trying to resolve BUGS on my new Passport--my third. Thanks to those who are trying to help me with the media volume bar that won't turn off at the top of the screen! Still trying! Hard reboot has not fixed it.
    When I did a device switch, I somehow lost the cool little emoji options that popped up as 'word choices' on the suggestion bar above the keyboard. Can anyone explain why? I loved them! There were TONS and they were very creative. Now I only have the emoji picker again...not the same...
    Is there a fix for this? Someone suggested turning off the 'Learn New Words' key but that didn't resolve. I would sure love to get my beautiful and very cool emojis back because sometimes...'pictures' speak a thousand words,' which is particularly useful when typing with one finger... THANK YOU!
    09-21-16 04:27 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    What you did should work.

    Settings > Language and Input > Prediction and Correction > disable "Learn New Words"
    Now type some double words like "clock clock" or burger burger and you'll see the emoji/emoticon appear.
    Try rebooting.
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    09-21-16 08:28 PM
  3. Cornishgirl2's Avatar
    I did do that and I got just a few but nothing like the ones I had before. I'm running the same OS, just a new device. And I've rebooted a ton because I have the media volume bar still sitting at the top of the screen when idle. Thank you so much for getting back to me!
    09-25-16 07:57 PM

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