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    A nice read about the passport!! 6 pages

    Why I Prefer The Blackberry Passport Over My iPhone 6 - Forbes

    The top ten reasons why I prefer the Passport over my iPhone 6:

    Long battery life, up to two days
    Screen real-estate, high resolution, and 1:1 layout
    Rugged I-Beam construction and Gorilla Glass 3 protective covering
    Telephone call capabilities and associated enhancements, including stereo audio output and four microphones for exceptional audio pickup and noise cancellation, especially for conference calls on speakerphone
    E-mail processing, organization, and handling of attachments
    Keyboard design with integrated on-screen extra rows of keys that are actually convenient to use, and the ability to use the entire surface of the keyboard to scroll through documents and web pages, rather than running your finger across the display
    Operating system functionality, organization, and handling of *applications as well as the ability to run both Blackberry World and Android apps
    Setting up different user profiles and alert modes (ring, vibrate, LED, and silent) for calls, emails and messages
    External memory, and access to use it as a hard drive
    Does my iPhone 6 incorporate all the functionality that I need? Of course it does, but in my view, it does not do certain things as well as it could. There are always compromises and everyone understands that. But a lot of us yearn for a phone that does things differently and in some cases, smarter. And that is where the Blackberry Passport fills the void.

    My ďmust haveĒ requirements for a professional-grade phone are listed below. Obviously, the Passport meets most of the criteria, but the list is not tailored to what the Passport does or how it performs. It can apply when analyzing any smartphone in the context of business or government service.

    Profile of a professional smartphone: It is all about hardware and software capabilities

    Security, in terms of data encryption, certificate-based Internet access, password protection of the hardware, and voice encryption;
    Hard keyboard as well as virtual keyboard to support different languages;
    Enhanced telephone call capabilities for voice communications and conference calls, as well as defined user-profiles;
    Structural integrity and rugged construction;
    Large high-resolution, impact-resistant display that makes it easy to view documents, spread sheets, graphics, images, and video;
    Extended duty cycle (battery life) and standard charger interoperability;
    External add-on memory, up to 128 GB, accessible for use as a hard drive;
    Multi-color LED capabilities for message and call alerting;
    High-resolution camera for still images and HD video;
    Sufficient internal RAM to handle intensive number-crunching applications, and at least 32 GB of internal storage;
    Efficient, stable operating system that is supported by a wide range of applications;
    Communications capability, including access to all global cellular networks, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and wireless peer-to-peer presentations;
    Email capabilities that include sophisticated organization, access to all popular mail formats, control and rapid access of sent and received attachments, ability to read and display all popular file formats for images, video, documents, spread sheets and presentations;
    Applications for productivity, utility, travel, communications, navigation, finance, media presentations, logistics, and social media access;
    Organization for ease of use;
    Fully integrated contacts and calendar;
    Efficient web browser;
    Intelligent voice recognition for interactive applications;
    Internal diagnostics and analytics;
    Integrated cloud-based data access;
    Remote security, locate, and erase capabilities.

    The Passport vs. the iPhone 6

    Letís talk about some of the highlights that differentiate the design of the iPhone from the Passport, and why in my mind it is a better phone for certain users.

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    12-16-14 11:43 AM
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    sure..from a guy that states he owns BBRY stock for a year..
    12-16-14 11:50 AM
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    I do not agree with all his points for sure. Me I still prefer the UI from Windows phone 8.1 over OS 10. But I like the feel of the passport
    12-16-14 11:54 AM
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    I do not agree with all his points for sure. Me I still prefer the UI from Windows phone 8.1 over OS 10. But I like the feel of the passport
    What parts of the UI do you prefer? I see windows 8.1as a bit clumsy compared to BB10 OS. To each his own however.
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    12-16-14 11:59 AM
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    12-16-14 12:00 PM

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