05-03-16 02:41 AM
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  1. 68z302's Avatar
    Anytime I've updated Cobalts Google Apps it works flawlessly. Download the Newest version & it does just that, updates the previous version without having to delete the previous install...


    Posted via CB10
    05-02-16 12:04 PM
  2. itskstyle's Avatar
    I have a problem with my previous apps.. Recently just done device switch from Q10 to PP but I did not transfer all the android apps thinking I could install with my new passport follow cobalts instruction, but I encounter following issue:
    1. The apps that I previously installed at Q10 still shown installed at play store even though I do not have the app icon
    2. I can still open the app from play store
    3. Tried to uninstall the app from play store but always forced closed, uninstall was failed
    4. If the app can be updated, if I update it, it become install, then I can get the app icon back..

    Anybody encounter the same issue? Any suggestion for this? Preferably, I dont want to do device wipe as it's very troublesome for me. Thanks!

    From  PPSE
    I solved this issue already, if anybody encounter the same problem, the solution is just to install the android runtime update.

    From  PPSE
    05-03-16 02:41 AM
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