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    Got one of 'em fancy SE that are on sale. Came home, I booted it briefly to activate it (no SIM or SD card yet). Turned it off & left it in the drawer.

    Came back a few days later & wouldn't boot. I've seen this before on my Bold, so I charged it up for a bit & verified it was good to go, then turned it off and shoved it in the drawer again.

    It's been another day (more than 24 hrs) and yet again, it is dead. Have to charge again. Anyone seen this before? Keep in mind the Passport should be OFF (unless something is auto-waking it). My Z30 can sit in the drawer for weeks or months with no issue. Did I get a dud?

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    10-07-16 12:01 AM
  2. ryder55's Avatar
    Why are you bothered about that really? Phones aren't made for sitting in the locker while off lol

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    10-07-16 12:05 AM
  3. Searchy's Avatar
    I am getting this problem as well. The phone uses less battery when on than when off! It makes no sense at all.

    This is a big problem because there is no good way to store the phone if battery drains when off. Long-term storage of an empty battery destroys the battery. For long-term storage, it is recommended to store batteries at 60% charge.
    10-07-16 01:03 AM
  4. adamlau's Avatar
    Same here. New SE. Device appears to consume less power (displayed percentage) on and unused than off and unused. I thought it was an isolated incident, but I suppose not.
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    10-07-16 01:26 AM
  5. hilmishahir96's Avatar
    I had the same problem as yours too, I soft reset/reboot (hold button up & down until BlackBerry logo show up) & it solved it right away.

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    10-07-16 05:34 AM
  6. MrSuit's Avatar
    OP - did you charge the battery first to a full 100% after you got the new phone?

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    10-07-16 07:35 AM
  7. EFats's Avatar
    Phones sit in the warehouse for more than a few days and have no problem. Anyways this is my backup phone, so it sits off!

    I'm pretty sure I charged it up the first time. But last night, I gave it a decent charge, probably close to 2 hours and it said 100%. Pulled it off at around 11:30 and turned off all radios before powering down.
    At least it still turned on this morning, but battery was already down to 83%. That's not right, my Z30 was down to 80% after weeks, not hours.
    I will try the soft reset and see if it fixes the problem.

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    10-07-16 10:05 AM
  8. EFats's Avatar
    I think this is solved. It turned out to be the SD card. That was basically the only difference between when I store it and when it is in the warehouse. I charged it up at night, removing the SD card, then turning it off. I powered it up the next morning and it was seemingly good. Well over 90% (I can't remember, maybe it was 96% or something, but I can't be sure I left it at 100% anyways). Big difference from previous night where I was down to 83%.

    Googling around, I find this is not a Blackberry only issue. There are plenty of anecdotal stories of people experiencing higher than normal drain that was resolved by removing or changing the SD card. Will have to dig into it more, but the back of the envelope calculations suggests it may be reasonable, especially with high density SD cards. (This one in mine was a new 32GB, whereas my previous devices sported nothing larger than 8GB).

    Most people using their Passports probably wouldn't notice as by the end of the day, it may be the difference between having 50% battery or 60% and there is too much usage fluctuation to tease out the details. Not so of course when the phone is completely off...

    Will try with another SD card to be sure.
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    10-08-16 04:20 PM
  9. andy957's Avatar
    Just asking if you're sure it's really OFF and not that the screen is blank. In other words you have held down the power button and watched the screen count down and shut off, right? Not intended to insult you just checking.

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    10-08-16 08:43 PM
  10. EFats's Avatar
    Yes, I know, it is tricky sometimes, but I watched the countdown timer. Then waited, because it will flash the Blackberry logo briefly, then the screen goes blank, but the backlight is still on. Wait some more and finally the backlight goes off so I'm reasonably sure it's off. (But of course this is why I prefer removeable batteries).

    I tested with a different, smaller SD card of 8GB. It made a difference. With the original 32GB card, I lost about 17% over about 8-9 hours overnight, if I recall. With the 8GB card, I lost maybe 9-10% over, I think, closer to 24 hours. Still too high considering what my Z30 can manage. (And also my Z10!, which when in bedside mode overnight, but not off, lost only 2%).

    I will repeat the test with the 8GB SD card out and see what happens.
    10-10-16 12:01 PM
  11. drags_bberry's Avatar
    Did any solution ever come from this? It appears a lot of people had/have this issue. I just haven't found anyone stating the solution, if there is one.
    03-15-17 01:04 PM

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