03-17-15 07:31 AM
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    The polls are going and the debates are getting heated in concern to the ATT/CES bombshell and to a less extent what I'm referring to as #CORNERGATE15 . But heres a thought. With the rounded corners that means that all of the current and official BB Passport accessories will not work with the ATT exclusive version. Has this hit anyone else and what are your thoughts on this. Will aftermarket/ Official BB accessories be made to accommodate both models??? Cheers. And no matter what The BB Classic/Passport is great news!
    Exclusivity of the PP on ATT is only 90 days. If the PP does not have rounded corners when released on Verizon and later other carriers like T-Mobile, then there is no hope that accessory makers will make a rounded version to their already produced accessories. The only chance people will have at seeing a large increase in accessories is if the PP that is pushed out to other carriers is the redesigned rounded version.
    03-17-15 07:31 AM
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