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    Hi everyone,

    I've finally returned to BB after several years struggling unhappily in the iPhone wilderness, and am so far delighted with my Passport.

    There is one iPhone app which was extremely helpful to me and I can?t find a BB or Android equivalent. It is Secure-Webmail Secure Webmail - iOS Store Store Top Apps | App Annie.

    Company policy is that email access is securely locked down, either by password protecting email or by locking the phone. Secure-Webmail allowed me to have the phone unlocked and password protect only the company email connected to Exchange. I'd use Mail+ for non-company email which didn't need protecting & I was free to use any other app without locking the phone which saved quite a bit of time. On the passport, I have to have the phone completely locked which is a nuisance.

    Is there anything similar for the passport? Any help will be very much appreciated.



    Posted via CB10
    12-05-14 02:15 PM

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