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    First let me start off by saying that I am new to Blackberry. I've never owned one before but I've always been intrigued by BlackBerry phones. I just started a business and decided that I wanted to get a phone dedicated to only business. Naturally I decided to pull the trigger on a Blackberry phone. I did some research and ended up narrowing my search to the Passport, Priv, and Keyone. I ended up choosing the Passport though because I've seen some unsavory reviews on the Priv and the Keyone is a little out of my price range. I liked what I read about the Passport and decided to pull the trigger on the Passport. I purchased my Passport via Amazon. I purchased the OG black Passport, or so I thought. When my Passport arrived I was surprised that they sent me the AT&T version Passport. It was convenient because I had already purchased an AT&T sim kit. I was really excited to start messing around with my new phone but like with any phone I decided to charge it first. That's where my first issue came to light. I left my phone charging with the charger that came in the box and it stopped charging at 60%. I thought maybe the charger was an issue so I switched to the charging dock I purchased for my Passport. It didn't fix the issue, still wouldn't charge past 60%. I eventually figured out that the phone will charge fully when it's off. Which is an inconvenience. The next issue I discovered was that the LED light is constantly flashing red even when I don't have any new notifications. Again, I'm new to Blackberry devices so I'm not sure if it is common with Blackberry or if my Passport is just having issues right out the box. I could use some help with these issues, I don't know if they're able to be fixed or if I need to send this Passport back and get another one? I'd also like to add that despite these issues I've been loving the Passport, I've written this whole post on it. Which is probably why I made it so long, typing on a physical keyboard is so satisfying lol.

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    10-15-17 12:29 PM
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    Could be faulty hardware but the first thing to do is to hard boot the device (fixes many problems) by holding the Power key down for about 12 seconds. Normally the led should flash red, then let go of the power key and the device will reboot. It is obviously not normal for the red led to be flashing on and off all the time, so you may not even know by my description of reboot but try it anyway. As for the charging, is the adapter an original BB adapter for the Passport? The device should still charge even while not turned off. Wonder if you have the correct charger/usb cable?
    10-15-17 08:17 PM
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    Hi there, constant LED flashing, but no new messages/notifications? Go to the Hub and tap the overflow menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, then make sure that your view is set to 'Hub' and not any of the filtered options.

    Re the battery, try some basic battery calibration, i.e. full overnight charge, followed by full discharge (i.e. until device won't turn back on). Repeat this a couple of times, it may help calibrate the battery meter.

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    10-16-17 05:45 AM
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    Hi. I hope your issues are fixed, but in case they are not maybe I can come in with some advices (I don't know if they are the right ones). First, make the hard reset by holding both volume keys pressed for a few seconds until the red led turns on.
    What OS Version do you have. There are some issues with 10.3.3 and maybe somebody can help you if that's the case. I don't have 10.3.3 so I'm out. Sorry if what I said is foolish.

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    10-16-17 11:22 AM
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    Thanks to all for the helpful advice on how to fix my Passport. I ended up trying the hard restart by holding the power button down for 12 seconds. The red flashing LED stopped but then a green flashing LED started.. So I decided to wipe the OS and reinstall it. That was difficult since apparently the Passport wasn't being recognized by the computer. Eventually after a couple hours of messing around with it, I got the Passport connected and I reinstalled the OS. I still had a green flashing LED so I decided to try the hard restart again and it worked. No longer have a flashing LED of any sort and the phone now charges while on with no issues. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out with this one. Now time to enjoy my Blackberry!
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    10-17-17 02:33 PM
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    Glad you finally got it sorted out!
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    10-17-17 02:35 PM

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