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    So three weeks ago my family and I went on vacation to Florida on the Anna Maria Islands. During the week we rented a boat and a pontoon. I was on the pontoon and we were making our way to an island to go swimming. As we approached the island I jumped out to maneuver the pontoon into a position that was safe for the kids and the pontoon. While I was standing in the water, about waist high, I realized that something felt heavy in my right swimming trunks pocket . It took milliseconds to realize that it was my passport. I quickly jumped onto the pontoon and pulled the passport out only to encounter a dead passport. I left the passport out to air dry and when we got back to our rental home I quickly put it in rice.

    After returning home from Florida I tried to turn it on but that didn't help. So I was phone less for two and a half weeks and that hurt me. The good news is that I found a local person selling an unlocked passport and quickly picked it up. I checked for bending and the screen lift issue and no problems yet. I am currently using it to write this post and I am enjoying it so far.

    For those who wanted to know I picked it up for 300 whereas he wanted 400 for it. I could've opted for the att version using my upgrade but didn't want to.

    Thanks for reading.

    So after two days with this passport I noticed a few problems. First there were login problems with Facebook. Second, problems with ringing and vibration settings. Third pkb lighting and some others that are not going to hurt me. So I checked the os and it has the current available os for unlocked passport. However I checked crackberry and there is a new leaked .26xx so I downloaded the autoloader and updated the os and so far so good. I'll have to give it a few more days to see if it acts up.
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    glad you were able to get another Passport after killing yours.
    08-26-15 05:44 PM
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    That's why I always put my phone in s waterproof pouch when going boating !

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