1. raffy escano's Avatar
    weather it uses OS10 or android the new passport should live up to its name by having 2 or even maybe more sim slots. one for your country and the country your going to. has to have easy access slot in case you go to more than one country.

    red passport
    03-19-16 05:20 AM
  2. ChrisLeNeve's Avatar
    I agree, I would really like BlackBerry to make a dual sim phone

    Posted via CB10
    03-19-16 08:56 AM
  3. Nick Spagnolo's Avatar
    Didn't they have virtual sim capabilities?

    03-19-16 08:58 AM
  4. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    One can only hope for a new Passport. Not be a debbie downer, but it doesn't look as they are going to make bb10 phones anymore.

    Classically Posted SQC100-4/
    03-19-16 10:10 AM

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