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    I bought my first cell phone in 1985. It was a Motorola car phone bolted into my 1985 VW Cabrio. Cost $1700, and 45/Min. Well over 30 years of maturity in this industry. I have two PC's (of 5) in the home that are still running Windows XP/SP3 - one is a 8 year old Fijitsu notebook. XP was launched summer 2001, 15 years ago, and M$ EOL'd them over 2 years ago. For the majority of what we do, XP remains functional for everything that I can think of.

    My Passport/Red (SQW100-1) running has been powered on 99.9996% of the time for the past 3 years. Without fail. Now with the addition of a great smartwatch, The Vector Luna (thanks to RodgerLeblanc), I have retired my Sony Smartwatch2 AND my Xperia-1.

    My question is, other than the battery dying...what is the real functional purpose of buying a new Smartphone? Yes, I totally get that phones are mostly a fashion statement, like designer jeans were decades ago or having a 'funded start-up' is today. Is there any real innovation? I'm 35 years their senior, but I can out type (speed & accuracy) both of my kids using their oh-so-hip glass bar phones. IMO, the PP is the best mobile device EVER. Just like many think that XP was the best OS to ever come out of Redmond.

    Of the billions of 'Apps', isn't most new mobile functionality being adopted to HTML5, making them effectively universal? I was so upset at BoA for discontinuing there BB banking app, I wrote a letter to their Dev team. But after being forced to use their web-app, the reality is its better than their dedicated app. Moreover, the more popular productivity apps (BBOS & Android) still run well on my PP, just like almost every program I run on XP.

    Seriously, of the top 10 'Apps' for iPhone...I believe 8 of them are games. Are these devices productivity enhancers, or gaming platforms? Since I consider myself an adult, I can only cost justify this expense in terms of ROI...as I'm not wealthy & have bills to pay.

    Assuming the demise of BB Hardware, and the fact that Android phones are simply bush-league (good as children's toys o' distraction), and I will never purchase an Apple product - I am considering just buying another PP on eBay for future use when this one croaks, and not buying another smartphone for at least 10 years or more. Are there flaws in my position?
    05-19-16 03:29 PM
  2. mcne2001's Avatar
    Fully agree with you.
    Used my Priv the last two weeks, switched back to my Passport yesterday :

    - far better pkb experience
    - far better battery life
    - more productive

    Love my Passport SE and just bought a Passport Red Edition as spare.

    Posted via Passport running BlackBerry OS10
    05-19-16 03:44 PM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    If it works for you keep using it....

    But I think we are in for a few more technology changes over the next 10 years, that might make any 12 year old phone less than ideal to use.... but probably not impossible.

    I will say that after BBOS was EOL and no updates were provided... a number of security vulnerabilities were found. That will probably happen with BB10 also once it is officially EOL, you'll want to be a little more careful with what sites you go to. It would be best if you find a 3rd party browser that will work on BB10 or on Android 4.3 that is kept up to date.... but good luck with that. I'd give Android 4.3 support a couple more years at best. I doubt BlackBerry will keep BlackBerry World open indefinitely... maybe 5 Years after the last devcies is sold?
    05-19-16 03:46 PM
  4. shotel's Avatar
    I agree with the security angle. However, BB is exponentially more secure than any other mobile device now. That, and the hope that no hacker worth their salt would waste time on a dead OS may provide some security-by-obscurity?

    With respect to technology changes; wouldn't these be more aesthetic, style and ergonomic advancements, and not much in the way of actual functionality improvements? How many ways can one talk, text, email, and use an screen based application? Other than the advent of the touch screen, what really has improved in the past 10 years?

    90 years ago, a residential refrigerator was considered 'high tech'. 30 years later, everyone had one. I just replaced our 'fridge, which lasted 13 years. It did its job. When shopping for a new one I saw a $6,000 Samsung refrigerator with a touch screen built into the door. Is that innovation, or a marketing attempt to persuade consumers that the cold temperature inside is somehow superior to a $1000 model? At what point do mobile devices become commodity technology? I think we may have long past that horizon, as most new mobile device features are cleverly marketed useless bells & whistles (like this Samsung 'fridge).

    Perhaps there should be a area of crackberry called "BB Preppers". Where we can discuss stockpiling BB hardware for the inevitable.
    05-20-16 01:27 AM

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