1. Tornado99's Avatar
    Just got it off BBW and the scrolling in threads via keyboard now works as it should...no more About menu diving :-)

    Also, there's a hub notification beta option you can setup in the settings.

    Dark theme is there, but I think it was also in last version.

    This Passport takes me places!
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    12-12-14 11:56 AM
  2. guygardner73's Avatar
    Did you get off BlackBerry world or Betazone?

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    12-12-14 12:16 PM
  3. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    OP. Thanks for the heads up, BBW wasn't notifying me that there was an update available so I would have missed it otherwise.

    Glad for all those folks not on 10.3.1 that they can now scroll away to their hearts content.
    12-12-14 12:17 PM
  4. gunner-az's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip amigo! It works well.

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 12:19 PM
  5. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Did you get off BlackBerry world or Betazone?

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    I read the OP and went to BBW on my Passport. Opened CB App in My World and option to update was there.

    No notification of an update if you didn't knowabout it though.
    12-12-14 12:20 PM
  6. guygardner73's Avatar
    Thanks man! Just updated. Awesome.

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    12-12-14 12:22 PM
  7. thedose's Avatar
    I hope they fix it so BB world does give notifications, had I not seen this thread, would have never known there was an update!

    So glad it's fixed, the lack of keyboardscrolling was getting on my nerves
    12-12-14 12:23 PM
  8. mike159sw's Avatar
    Thnx guys! Now it really BB...

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 12:28 PM
  9. Spawn12's Avatar
    About time yayyyy

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 12:30 PM
  10. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    They also fixed the sloppy pull to refresh / select page menu in the new version. Liking it so far.

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 12:59 PM
  11. hpjrt's Avatar
    Thanks so much OP. The update didn't even show up under my account but I found it, installed it and can now say goodbye to the scrolling work-around! Sweet!

    Thanks to CB app developers too!

    Posted from my BlackBerry Passport
    12-12-14 01:01 PM
  12. Tornado99's Avatar
    Yes I didn't get a notification on available update either. I actually learned about it on a BBM Group for mobile techs...people just mentioned the CB app had Hub notifications.
    I had to do several bbw Check for Updates before it appeared.
    Also, nothing on the forums or news page about the update deploying :-/

    This Passport takes me places!
    12-12-14 01:10 PM
  13. Bla1ze's Avatar
    12-12-14 01:10 PM
  14. Tornado99's Avatar
    Hey, sorry to be all whingey , I really like the new version!

    Go the CrackBerry!

    This Passport takes me places!
    12-12-14 01:15 PM

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