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    I have never wrote anything negative about Blackberry. But I am getting tired of seeing Blackberry advertise for other companies and not for themselves. Lets get started, Blackberry web site has a share link to share what ever, but this link doesn't allow you to share with BBM or channels and so on. Its all over their web site and no links to share to what we Blackberry users use. That is really funny! So today I go into Inside Blackberry site to read an article. It tells you to live you comments about it. Hey I have something to say about it. I click on the login only to see four types of login (Disqus, facebook,twitter and google). What the hell is going on! Is there a reason why or is it the dumbest thing ever.
    10-17-14 12:51 PM
  2. Warlack's Avatar
    So you are complaining that a website does not have the function to share to something that is directly bound to your device?

    You need to understand that BBM is like SMS.

    There would be no reason for them to do so, unless there is a browser version for it.

    You can only share to other websites

    If you use the website on your phone, you can share it to your BBM or Channel via the browser.

    Hope this clears things up

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    10-17-14 12:56 PM
  3. SK122387's Avatar
    So, by BlackBerry presenting options to use, which are the biggest social media platforms in the world, they're advertising?

    Disqus is one of the biggest platforms to use when commenting on an article.

    I'm a BlackBerry user and I use Disqus, Twitter, and Google, though I don't share via Twitter or Google.

    From your phone, you can just click the three dots in the BlackBerry web browser and share via BBM or your BBM Channel or all the other options.
    10-17-14 12:58 PM
  4. bbjdog's Avatar
    Clarify not phone, but computer

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-14 01:01 PM
  5. Warlack's Avatar
    As mentioned above:

    They provide options to services available via the browser on your PC.

    BBM is not a website or usable via your PC. Therefore the inclusion would not make sense

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    10-17-14 01:03 PM

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