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    I am a BlackBerry user for quite a long time. But I believe there's need of some minor changes in BlackBerry 10 OS. I've listed mine below. Please list yours too so that maybe BlackBerry will hear us:

    1) Change Callerscreen: I think the earlier callerscreen was bit more appealing as we could atleast see the complete contact picture of the person calling. Now it's only either sclap or hair of people that are visible. If we cannot see the contact pic clearly, I believe there's no point in setting it. Maybe a little transparent one will help.

    2) Music App UI: I believe the UI of music shortcuts is quite too dissatisfied for me. Earlier one that used to pop up in middle of the screen was a little beautiful for me. No offense for the people who like the current one.

    3) Volume bar: As the whole OS UI is a combination of white n blue it'll suit if they just can make that volume bar like earlier with white n blue or black n blue will be loved.

    4) Updates: Official updates for both apps n OS should be a little more frequent I expect.

    5) BlackBerry Keeper: Not syncing with cloud. I don't know if it's only my issue.

    6) BlackBerry Express: Need to make BlackBerry express cross-platform compatible.

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-15 02:37 AM
  2. Rennert's Avatar
    Android can update to 4.4, have some apps how need 4.4
    11-23-15 02:41 AM

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