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    the option to pinch the email to flag or unread is a big step and really helpful. the only issue is that i can't switch from unread to flag email and vise versa easier!!! it will be grate to be able to choose two options at once instead of choosing to pinch the flag only or unread email, also it will be even better to managing the different account like whatsapp, email account, sms and to be able to choose the results of the pinching gesture from all the account separately.

    for example :multi pinch gesture depending on the account.

    1.the possibility to choose unread message on the HUB by pinch gesture.
    2.the possibility to choose flag message on the e-mail account only.
    3.the ability to pinch unread message on sms

    conclusions: be able to choose the pinch gesture separately depending on the different needs on every account.

    in that way I could choose the best settings pinch gesture for each account separately without making a default setting that influence all the account at the same time.


    08-08-15 04:44 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Possible Pinch Filter Criteria:

    Unread messages (1.well, there you have it, OP)
    Flagged Messages (2.why, set pinch for that and go into said account)
    Draft Messages
    Meeting Invites
    Sent Messages
    Level 1 Messages

    3 is the same as 2, go into SMS tag and pinch.

    These are work around, I understand what you asked for. Implementation can'tbe done as you suggest though, you'd need a different gesture for each diifferent thing. That could be done.
    09-04-15 11:56 AM

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