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    Hi guys..need some assistance again. Bought the Passport about 5 weeks ago, my first issue was that all calls were going to Voicemail, finally found a work around and got that solved. Last week, my phone crashed, as I posted, and was stuck in a continuous reboot loop. Had to do a reload of the OS yesterday. I was without my phone for 5 days as I was out of the office when my phone crashed! Yesterday I get back to my office computer and BB Link is totally erased, gone from my computer. I run a home based business with only two computer and no, no one was at my computers. I go to install my backed up Passport files, which I back up about every 5 days, and BB Link and the backed up files a gone, no where to be found. I do have a 10 day old copy backed up on my Surface Pro 2 at home on BB Link but at another problem. I tried to re-install that copy last night and guess what, BB Link won't install my back up copy. Can anyone help PLEASE, I am so frustrated with this phone. Don't get me wrong I love the screeen size and keyboard size but with all the software issues I have been having with this phone I honestly can't recommend this phone any longer. It's been one software issue after another and no I have not installed any leaked OS versions and no I haven't downloaded anything from the Amazon App store. I use my phone for work and I use my Surface Pro 2 for watching movies and such, my Passport is a work phone. Sorry for the long post but I need help getting my last back up copy installed, if I can't get it installed it means I have lost at least 50 vital phone numbers/contacts and an equal number of appointments/meetings. I back up every 5 days or so, backing up is something I always do. HELP PLEASE getting my back up copy on my Surface PRO 2 reinstalled on my Passport and thanks everyone in advance! Last night I was thinking to myself, "I am starting to hate this phone due to all the software issues." Please help me restore some faith in this phone!!
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    It's a weird issue, having Link disappear from your computer! No obvious solutions springs to my mind, sorry. On my Z10, I encountered some issues with Link and restoring, with a corrupted backup file. I've since not bothered with full backups.

    I'm keeping my contacts and calendars synced via Exchange Active Sync, which means that in my business, everything is in sync between my two desktops at work, my home desktop, my laptop, my tablets and my BlackBerry. That might be something for you to look into. Doesn't solve this immediate problem, I know, but this setup gives my great peace of mind.

    Maybe somebody else here has good insights in getting your backups working again, and after that, I would take some time to see about getting your data synced via eas or something like that. Could be a huuuge timesaver.

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    12-04-14 07:41 AM
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    Check on the PC in My Documents. You should see a folder named BlackBerry, with a folder named Backups within.
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    12-04-14 07:44 AM
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    Agreed cvd, I have my contacts synced to two emails, one of which I show in the contact app so I don't have duplicates, and all calendar events also associated to an email. Failure is not an option.

    Never experienced a PC uninstall programs on its own.
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    12-04-14 07:49 AM
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    Chances are your PC is having issues and you are using a tempt profile because it booted up and did not recover properly.
    Check to see what user profile you are in. perhaps in Users folder you will see your back ups.
    Files don't just disappear. There was a malware that may all files hidden that I ran across a couple of times and made it look like all your files are gone. Check for that as well.
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    12-04-14 08:02 AM
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    Making sure you are signed on with your BBID for both your Passport and BlackBerry Link, assuming your backup was made when you were signed on for both.

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    12-04-14 08:05 AM
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    If it is malware, you can use this to check and clean:

    VIPRE Rescue - VIPRE Computer Recovery Solution
    12-04-14 08:39 AM

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