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    I want to say thank you ahead of time to anyone who reads this and provides help. I also want to apologize if a thread like this already exists but i couldn't find one that matched my needs exactly and i'm also just looking for clarity. There is a story to go along with my questions so if you don't want to read that then feel free to skip down to them.

    I recently got a note 4 on contract. I am on day 13 of my 14 day grace period. I was going to purchase the passport today thinking that it would extend my grace period another 14 days (especially since i will have to pay out of pocket) and I would have that time to mess around with it and see the ins and out's but i guess it doesn't. So in short, i only have 1 day left to make a decision on a phone and need help with that decision. I have always loved blackberry but I also love my apps and sadly when I owned a Q10, sideloading just was not up to par. some things loaded some things didn't, some things worked flawlessly but a lot barely worked at all. I have some questions about the passport specifically. I would like for the answers to be as un-biased as possible. Truth is always best even if it might sway me from getting a blackberry.

    1. Everyone is talking about BB phones being able to run android apps. This is done either through snap or amazon appstore. I see what looks like a 50/50 split. Half saying these apps work flawlessly and the other half saying they don't or just barely. All I want to know is the truth. Do they run or do they not. If the apps work but crash frequently I don't think I will be happy. If they run but crash on a rare occasion I think that might be something I could put up with since I do love BB so much.

    2. I work construction. Most of my days are spent in very dusty/dirty environments. Will the PP keys hold up to this?. I run a crew so I need to have my phone on me at all times incase of emergencies. My phone will be in my pocket most the day but I need to know that if on the off chance some dirt happens to get into my pocket that the keys aren't going to just jam up and not work anymore.

    3. I had a chance to play with the PP in store. I loved what I saw but my time with it was very limited. Is this phone something that becomes uncomfortable in the hands after a short period of time due to the weight and the odd placement of the keyboard?. Also (I know this differs from person to person) due to the weight and odd placement, have people found this phone to be easily droppable?.

    Also if this is posted in the wrong section I apologize. It seemed like the right place.
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    Would be awsome if you told us which apps you would like to use. The ones I use work flawless, but I do not use that many android apps.

    It runs android apps way better than the q10 does, this is duo to the 801 quad core processor which is not comparable with the 400 dual core on the q10.

    I'm not sure if the phone is really that awsome in a dusty environment, but most phones are not made for such an environment. I do think it will hold up its own.

    The size of the passport is kinda big and you need to use it two handed, because you use it with 2 hands for typing you won't drop it that easily.
    I've had many big devices previously, but all where dropped at least once, so I guess I'm holding up better with the passport.

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    1, it depends on the apps. Some run, some don't.

    2, since the keyboard is very well made, I doubt it will let the dust in easily. However, no phone is design to meet such condition. You can work around this by having a case. One that cover the front as well like a wallet case or a flip case. However, if you consider the dust to be really bad, I would by a note 4 and have one of those waterproof case on. Waterproof case for the PP is weird because it has to cover the keyboard as well so then you can only do some simple task like answer your phone, taking pictures, so on and so forth. So with this in mind, I probably will go with a note 4 because the otterbox case for note 4 looks pretty sick lol. And there is no otterbox case for the passport.

    3, the device is heavy. Heavy enough for you to hold firmly but not too heavy (at least for me). It provides enough grip naked but considering your working environment, you wouldn't let it go naked anw. I haven't dropped once but my longest hold of the phone has only been 1 hour so I don't know.

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