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    1st let the customers take the new blackberry phone home try it out kind of like a buy and try in 2 months since it took me about two months to feel comfortable with the phone and all its capabilities... once they bring it home and play with it... I'm pretty sure they going to love the new device and pay for it to keep and give them a 10-50 dollar rebate for the BlackBerry phone or any device of there choice... I know it's a risk but I think this needs to happen ppl are just not going to hop on the bandwagon until they give it a try and see that blackberry is actually a very good device. and with 10.3 should be a lot more ppl friendly unlike 10.1 and 10.2 having to connect to the computer to get snap on to the device with amazon all confusion will be fixed... how many ppl think this is a good idea? Let me hear your thoughts.
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    I like this. I'll be returning my device every 2 months and getting a new one from a different store. That's 6 devices a year without having to chill out any money. Bring it.
    This is obviously open to a huge amount of fraud. What happens when the device is damaged? What happens when your 2 months are up and you ask your wife, husband, son, daughter, dad, mother, grandparents to get a new device....

    This won't fly.

    Do people need to get it in their hands to fall in love with it? Yes, of course. Why does Apple have Apple stores with iPhones on display for everyone to use? Trying a product before you buy always results in higher sales (if your product is any good). This is actually a marketing problem. Why would people switch to BlackBerry if they don't know of new the new phones, the features, the ease of use, the Android apps that run on BlackBerry?...

    Not everyone visits CrackBerry or reads online tech news. If you want to sell a product, first rule of sales is letting people know it exists.
    07-07-14 02:55 AM
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    Mate, this makes no sense. Sorry, I don't mean to disrespectful. However, this is the very reason why there are store demos.

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    This leads to another problem.. BlackBerry phones are no longer "physically" available in most stores.. they do them in special orders in most stores now I believe... let alone demo devices

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    This is really really bad. Sorry.

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    07-07-14 04:13 AM
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    That has to be the longest sentence ever on CrackBerry. AND one of the most naive.

    Kids these days . . . SMDH

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    Hmm Damm I never thought of that I should of put more thought into it lol... but demo stores and have true blackberry reps pushing the sale of blackberry and letting them get hands on training of the device before buying is a great idea.

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    Vodafone Italy has this plan, when you had your phone included as loan for use.
    You can change your device when you want.

    This is an example, prices are not real:

    You start with an iPhone, and you pay 10 /month. After 2 days, you understand that you choose the wrong phone, so at the end of the month you change it for a Galaxy S5.
    You stop paying the iPhone* and start paying the Galaxy S5.
    The next month, you understand that Android sucks, and decide to try out the Passport.
    Now, you are not paying the iPhone nor the Galaxy. You are only paying the Passport.

    If you keep your phone for 10 years, you paid Vodafone 1200 (120 months x 10 ). BUT, if in 2015 comes out the Passport 2, you can change it for "free"!

    In this case, you can always have the top of the line, without spending a fortune every year. The phone is not your, anyway.

    * Maybe you leave them a deposit, I don't remember how it works exactly.
    07-07-14 08:45 AM
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    Just fly over NYC and drop them out of a plane with tiny parachutes to make sure they don't impact the ground too quickly. It'll also make them easier to catch!

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    07-07-14 10:18 AM
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    I had a better idea in the past and I even sent Kevin a message but he never checks those because he's too busy I guess....my idea is to make the BB devices cheaper via leasing instead of more expensive...at the moment I am paying a leasing fee every month which is 25 euro every month for 24 months = 600 euro....instead you could buy the phone for say it 500 back in the days (In my country) so with the leasing that's 100 more which is actually a lot for me. So if they were to make the leasing cheaper they'll achieve 2 things =first attract customers due to people getting something cheaper than usual and that always attracts people...second and more importantly it makes the person stick to the phone because it's on a leasing...so it gives the people time to see how awesome BB is because there's some who'd try it and give up on the 2nd day just because they're not used to the OS yet etc -I think it's a good idea since I really hate the fact I'm paying for a leasing and one month later the price dropped to 400 lol
    07-15-14 10:45 AM

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