11-14-15 03:15 PM
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  1. Blackberry-Prince's Avatar
    The passport fit issue will be fixed in an update. Thank you

    Posted via CB10
    Have you ever read the reviews of your FB app client?
    If not you better check them out. REMOVE THE DAM APP from the world! People are losing their money!!!

    Posted via CB10
    11-14-15 12:31 AM
  2. mister2d's Avatar
    Yeah do it. He's also on twitter and responds to everyone who have problems with his apps. He didn't respond to be because I used bad language. Because he deserves it. I don't and will not use his apps.

    Posted via CB10
    Why the witchhunt? The app needs those perms to work. Stop being so paranoid.
    11-14-15 11:34 AM
  3. garpt's Avatar
    Honestly, just use the mobile site: m.uber.com. You need to have Uber enable the mobile site for use on your Passport, but it only took three hours for them to respond to the request and enable my Passport to use the mobile site.

    An app would be nice but this Ober app seems like a poor wrap of the mobile site. I've tried the patched app, which did work, but I had very high battery drain when dunning it. The mobile site is pretty perfect.

    Posted via CB10
    THIS. ^^^ Absolutely! Tried other "patches and fixes" for days, but m.uber.com works GREAT! Then just email Uber to provide access, and you are done.
    Oh, and don't forget to create a link icon to your homepage from the browser. Won't be able to tell you are not using the app!
    11-14-15 12:59 PM
  4. leglace1's Avatar
    Get shortcut creator from BBW and make a shortcut for the mobile site. Done.

    Posted via Manly Passport
    11-14-15 01:29 PM
  5. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    Get shortcut creator from BBW and make a shortcut for the mobile site. Done.

    Posted via Manly Passport
    You can do it from the Browser itself.

    Posted via CB10 v....not telling
    11-14-15 03:15 PM
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