11-12-14 01:00 PM
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    Narrow has its advantages, more obvious one being easy to use with 1 hand. Also mobile websites are optimized for narrow phones. One can argue that Passport is supposed to be for desktop websites but really, it is impractical to zoom in all the time to touch a link. Not only that, high resolution phones from 5.2 to 5.5 inch phones with a resolution of 1080p or greater can actually fit a desktop website well. In fact, you can see more than the passport with a high ppi "narrow" phone.

    Moto X 4.7 inch 720p screen vs Passport for browsing. I am not completely convinced the Passport is better for browsing the web. Seeing how most android flagships these days are 5.2 inch 1080p+, they could most definitely argue they could see a desktop website well on their supposedly narrow phone. This is just one website example.


    I can see more text on the Moto X
    Attachment 311050
    Attachment 311051


    A 720p screen is not good enough to see text clearly on desktop but you can see, a tall screen allows more content. Again, I mentioned that flagship devices these days are bigger and have a higher resolution than my android phone and since the Passport is a flagship device, it will be compared against those flagship devices. Also consider that on the passport, I cannot zoom out to see more height. I think the argument here for the Passport is more comfortable viewing because the text is bigger despite less vertical content though I'm not sure how (un)comfortable it would be to view on a narrow screen of equal PPI to the Passport.

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    However, there is no doubt that the Passport will always show more than a narrow phone in landscape mode.
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    If someone could post a screenshot of gsmarena.com on their 1080p android phone that would be great.

    Also, BlackBerry please have the option to auto hide for the address bar on the Passport like the Q10
    That is a very debatable comment. I highly disagree with you because i, personally, along with many others, do not prefer to either have to squint at the screen or zoom in crazy amounts.

    Also, I'd rather scroll a little bit more often then have to be moving my eyes down at a faster rate.

    Agreed with the other commenter, try changing the font on the PP to be the same as the font on the other phone so it's actually a fair comparison. If you made them the same size, you'd realize that on the PP you'd actually get more content plus better sizing in mobile + Desktop modes.

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    11-01-14 09:35 AM
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    They sure are!

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    11-12-14 10:35 AM
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    After using the passport I can't go back to a marrow screen!

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    11-12-14 01:00 PM
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