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    I switched to my very first Blackberry a year and a half ago (Q10) after being a dedicated iPhone user since the start.

    I fell head over heals in love... I finally found a device created to serve ME instead of promoting its makers. Then the Passport came into my life - the absolute greatest gadget/mobile device I had ever used. Not only that, the sexiest looking one I have ever seen as well. I found my 'life device', not a new bs phone/social media tool confused as to what is it is and how to function.

    But then there was the case issue, and being a designer I was very picky as to what will house my new bff, I call him Banki. I got inspired by an ipad case I saw online that never went into production and so the adventure began...

    I started off with two hot mats that I got from the local hardware store. I made sure the cork was dense enough to take the atrocious battering I was about to give it.

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img_20150802_123835.jpg

    Designed the case in Illustrator according to the device's dimensions provided by AT&T

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-banki-case-cut.jpg

    Roughly cut the outer shape with a jigsaw and hollowed out the interior with a vertical router

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img_20150801_183513.jpg

    Lined the interior with 3mm felt

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img_20150802_124035.jpg

    Glued the pieces together with some industrial contact adhesive

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img_20150803_010921.jpg

    Then started a few days of sanding with super low grit sand paper and 3 layers of cork sealer/renewer (used for Birkenstocks)

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img_20150804_235903.jpg

    End result

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img-20150911-wa003.jpg

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img-20150911-wa005.jpg

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img-20150911-wa004.jpg

    My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img-20150911-wa007.jpg

    I've been with this case for about a month now and I like it. It slips beautifully in and out of the back pocket, Banki slips out of the case like butter but has enough snug that if I hold the case upside down and shake it out the device still stays in.

    I don't love it though. Aesthetically it's far from perfect, there is quite the amount of unnecessary bulk added to the device, plus the notion of slide out of pocket, thumb push to slide the device out of the case, flip case around so screen is facing me, pull out device, awkwardness of carrying a bulky case and the device at the same time.

    I've been exploring various ideas for a new case - one which involves casting a thin, smooth edged case out of aluminium and spraying it with rubber adhesive to give it a nice rubber finish but I'm coming to the conclusion that for me personally, a nice, modern designed flip case would be the very best solution. Unfortunateley I have found none for the AT&T model except for a cheap leather flip case that has super low reviews and many say doesn't fit the AT&T version properly. And I don't like leather.

    I'm thinking of finding a cool looking vinyl flip cover, removing the inside housing that holds the device and substituting the housing with the Body Glove or Seidio case. But I think that would involve reshaping the back hole for the camera.

    And so the adventure continues

    I would love to come up with a great case solution for the greatest mobile life device that has ever been created!

    I'd love to hear all your comments/suggestions and thank you for reading my post,

    Attached Thumbnails My AT&T Passport Case Adventure-img_20150802_123835.jpg  
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    Lol. I'd take the body glove but that's just me.

    Posted from a Passport or Z30. Get one!
    09-11-15 11:00 AM
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    The Body Glove case for the -3 is horrible. I know because I own it, and stopped using it after a week. The only reason I accept that it sells well is because it represents 50% of the legitimate case options for this model.

    OP: it has been confirmed that the OEM flip case made for the SE Passport will also fit the -3 model. The dimensions are nearly identical, with the biggest difference being the SE has squared top corners to the -3's rounded top corners.

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    09-11-15 11:29 AM
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    Well that's cool that you took matters into your own hands!

    Lack of cases, be damned!!

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    09-11-15 11:32 AM
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    Thanks for your reply BB. Any links you can share? Hope I can find something that's not leather.
    09-11-15 01:20 PM
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    Talk about a lot of work! I am impressed with its functionality. Aesthetically it needs refinement, but that's just my opinion. One question, "Does it float?"

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    09-11-15 01:39 PM
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    Definitely needs aesthetic refinement. The only way to get it perfect (from what I've seen so far) is with a cnc machine. I don't think I want to take it that far as I want to find a more practical cover that won't require two hands.

    And yes it floats
    09-11-15 01:44 PM
  8. newcollector's Avatar
    And yes it floats
    Lol!! What you have there is potentially a phone saver for all aquatic aficionados. With a little refinement I see millions of dollars floating into your pocket from sales of the only Floating phone case in the world. I see cork cases for all kinds of phones floating on lakes and rivers all over the world!

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    09-11-15 05:42 PM
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    If you could cover it (somewhat) seamlessly with a nice vinyl wrap, I think it would look a lot more eye catching. Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but it looks a bit unfinished.

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    09-11-15 06:20 PM
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    Newcollector... I like you.
    09-11-15 06:34 PM
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    Drenegade you're 100% right. I discovered rubber spray, you just spray it on and it leaves a nice smooth rubbery finish. I'd need to shave off a few mm's all around for it to not add more bulk to the existing thickness.
    09-11-15 06:37 PM
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    Here's the one I was referring to:

    Aside from the top corners being off, the only other difference is the cutout in the back for the flash. If you never use the flash (or if you feel handy enough to alter the cutout to match the design of the -3), this should work a treat.

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    09-11-15 09:05 PM
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    Ma man! This looks good, will defo need some modding but shouldn't be anything too drastic. I just found the Vaja Cases and i really like the look and luxury feel of the product, my Passport deserves no less. I sent them an email to see it's compatibility with the -3, if it goes I might cop me a yellow one. But your link also looks great, much more customizable I think than a Vaja case. For the straight corners vs the round, i'm thinking a heat gun and shaping tool... Think I might give it a whirl, I'll keep you updated.
    09-12-15 09:13 AM

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