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    After using a Passport for a month? The iPhone seems almost absurdly tiny and my Z10 was only marginally larger. My reactions have been mostly confused looks. Usually, I am handing someone the phone to show a photo or article and they first look at the device, unsure of what it is or how to hold it. Only one person said, oh that's the new BlackBerry. I've never seen one before.

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    11-19-14 12:02 PM
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    My reaction to an iPhone 5...-1096999235.png

    I totally get that.
    I was a devout iphone 4s fan. But 5 always seemed abnormal.
    Passport can accommodate 1 1/2 of iphone5.

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    11-19-14 12:24 PM
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    Every time someone shows me their iPhone, I point to the home button and say "what's that?". I love their reaction!
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    11-19-14 04:03 PM

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