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  1. truq's Avatar
    Hello everyone.

    My problem is that when I plug my Blackberry Passport into AUX input in my car, the phone finds the audio set to be headphones. It displays 'headphones volume' instead of 'speaker volume' when I push the volume buttons, it shows that 'you gonna get deaf' warning, and - it plays very quietly.

    This started some time ago, one day it worked fine, the next day - suddenly turned into what I've described above.

    It's not phone's fault - it cooperates properly with other speakers. Not car audio's fault - plays loud with other phones, tablets etc. Not even the aux cable, as I have tried a dozen of those. So, how do I fix it?
    05-04-18 06:44 AM
  2. dkon1000's Avatar
    In the Main Volume section of the phone settings there is an option to boost the headphones volume when headphones are attached. Maybe you can turn that on when your phone is attached to the car

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    05-04-18 09:54 AM
  3. Macdtek's Avatar
    That never bothered me I just pushed passed the warning.
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    05-04-18 02:50 PM
  4. truq's Avatar
    Of course I pass the warning too and turn the volume all the way up (both on the phone and car audio).

    I see no boost option in Main Volume/System Volume (those are the same), nor it does show up when I attach headphones and crank up the volume. Funny enough, I can find Main Volume by searching 'boost'. But there's still no boost in there.
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    05-05-18 06:36 AM
  5. dkon1000's Avatar
    That is very strange. I have a headphone boost toggle under the main volume slide. On 10.3.3

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    05-05-18 07:46 AM
  6. truq's Avatar
    Audio booster seems to be region-restricted feature, unavailable in EU (or with European SIM cards). I tried 3rd party boosters, equalizers etc. from Google Play Store - none of them actually affects sound volume. Maybe using Bluetooth/AUX adapter will do - I was going to buy one anyway.
    05-05-18 06:05 PM