1. jetsetter77's Avatar
    Hi There
    I have Passport and I had been always using a password with password built with characters.
    I had a small issue with the sim card as it was not coming out and therefire I had to unscrew the upper screws to be able to push it out.
    after this, I turned my phone on after replacing the sim card and now the password screen does not take the keyboard.
    I tried to reset the phone couple of times and still password can't be entered. only valid to write is the virtual keyboard.
    I am stuck at 5 trials and even BB didn't ask me to write BlackBerry at 5th trial...
    looking for some guidance here please as I am traveling soon and I have serious data on the phone that i need to pull out.
    06-10-17 08:26 PM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    sorry. Could something have come loose when you unscrewed it?
    The SIM card can be tricky. I can't remember if it is like the SD card where you push it in for it to pop out.... A pair of tweezers probably would have worked as well.
    Any change when you take the SIM card out again?
    06-10-17 11:46 PM

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