1. aldebaran12's Avatar
    They both run OS but the passport gets only 4 bars whereas Q10 gets 5 (my personal wifi at home).
    Is this a hardware issue? Anyone experiencing a weaker connection?
    12-13-14 11:56 PM
  2. easi123's Avatar
    Seems that the Wi-Fi antenna is about 3 dBm less than an iPhone 6.
    3G/4G antenna is a lot better than the iPhone 6.
    12-14-14 02:17 AM
  3. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    I have intermittent wifi misery which is a mystery despite hours on fone support & no issues on my setup with any other devices... BlackBerry is saying the official update will address that... I wonder to what extent they know or want to admit this is troublesome... that said, when the wifi is working, it is good... then, without any intervening act, it just goes wild & loses touch with the planet...

    Posted via CB10
    12-14-14 03:37 AM
  4. klobb's Avatar
    My passport don't show any bar, probability a issue with software. Although I don't see any bar im connected with WiFi.

    12-14-14 08:27 AM
  5. aldebaran12's Avatar
    My Wi-Fi connection is consistent, but so is the signal degradation over distance; where I use to have a solid 5 bars with the Q10, laptop and other gadgets the passport gets only 3.
    Hopefully the official release will fix or at least improve that.
    12-14-14 09:06 AM
  6. royabsa's Avatar
    Sometimes my PP doesn't get any signal when my laptop shows 3 bars in the same spot. It's pretty frustrating.

    Posted via CB10
    12-14-14 11:33 AM

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