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    Why the hell should she have to do a security wipe on a phone that is ONE DAY OLD?

    That's a ludicrous and shameful suggestion to a consumer.

    "My new fan doesn't work!" - "Take it apart and re-solder the connections - it's only a day old so it's not a big deal and won't be dusty."

    Sounds ridiculous - right? Take the PP back and get another one - if it's also a pile of junk then move onto a better platform. If BB can't get their flagship phone delivered in a functioning capacity then they don't deserve to survive.
    You are on uneducated folk on this stuff, aren't you...

    Doing a security wipe is NOT even close to the same as taking something apart and resoldering it.

    A security wipe is simply resetting the OS back to factory state. It fixes many of these first-use issues that can just be a faulty install in the first place.

    It is a simple task that takes less than 5 minutes and requires very little knowledge of how the phone works to do, so it's not an advanced task at all either.

    However, in this case it didn't fix it, so they exchanged it anyways.

    Not sure about you, but I know a majority of us here would rather try a security wipe before exchanging it to save us physical transportation time, inconvenience of actually having to contact the seller, etc.


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