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    So I've been reading a lot of threads that people are saying they're getting 2 days battery life our of their passports. I've never come close to this level of battery life, so either they're hardly using their phones or mine has something wrong with it (which is more likely).

    At the time of writing this I've got 49% of my battery left with an estimated 4 hours remaining. Is this a normal level? I also seem to constantly using at least 2GB of memory which seems rather high when I only have crackberry open and my device monitor.

    I've attached some screen shots of my device monitor so maybe someone can shed some light on my issue.


    Is my passport battery normal?-img_20160127_185259.png
    Is my passport battery normal?-img_20160127_185253.png
    Is my passport battery normal?-img_20160127_185231.png
    Is my passport battery normal?-img_20160127_185246.png

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    01-27-16 01:00 PM
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    Seems fine with your device. Mine is good for 15-18 hours with a constant use of wide range of Android apps, like Instagram etc, and always on 4G, with WiFi sometimes.

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    01-27-16 01:03 PM
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    OK cool, so how are all these people "getting 2 days" out of their passports? Just not using it?!

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    01-27-16 01:38 PM
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    It depends on what you do and how you use it.
    I have drained the battery in half of day, but that's through video calling and games.
    A normal day with a few calls, messages and Wi-Fi on all the time, maybe GPS will give me 12-14 hours before the battery saver kicks in at 30%. I noticed that if I don't use the phone that much, maybe only for occasional browsing and phone calls it will last up to 3 days.
    I did the testing cause I have 3 phones (2 active, the Passport being one of them). So in the end, it's up to you.
    Batteries, however big, aren't magical. I learned that the hard way because coming from a measly 1650mAh battery in a Samsung giving me max 4 hours of screen on time I expected the Passport to last as much as a Nokia 3310 But it didn't. However, I charge it every other day now and if I use it heavily (games excluded) I get a solid 16-18 hours before it reaches 10%.

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    01-27-16 02:22 PM
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    Sure. When I'm in the office I get 2 day out of it. Out on the field the battery has last me a full day use.

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    01-27-16 02:22 PM
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    all those auto upload files images video, auto sync email calendar contact, all the background app line viber vault instagram etc,gps and so on

    these are all activities which drain a lot of power even we don't realize it's running.

    I have iphone 6splus installs all my entertain interactive social stuff, my passport when I heavy loaded install all apps and android. it's power hunger. so I wiped off my passport and just use it as it is bb10 it's incredibly stay for almost two days until battery saver on(20%). Passport is my main business mobile and iphone for entertain. my iphone6S+ with loaded tons of apps I use never survive a day.

    Another thing you can toggle off run when minimized(run in back ground each apps. setting app management go to app permission then select app you dont want it run in back ground
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    01-27-16 03:17 PM
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    Try to perform a security wipe, sometimes it helps.
    01-27-16 07:54 PM
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    OP listen to what I have to say. Android apps on our BlackBerry takes up a heap of its resources due to the fact that our BlackBerry is having to emulate the android environment. I've found that it's best to not allow android apps running in the background, if possible. The worst offenders for battery drain are android apps that are constantly syncing like instagram refreshing it's feeds. A news app downloading new articles, etc...

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    01-27-16 08:56 PM
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    Just not using it?!

    Written with my  Passport

    Pretty much.
    16 hours is about average.

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    01-27-16 10:38 PM

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