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    I listen to my books.

    Kindle Fire devices have been great in this regard, I suppose because Amazon owns the TTS company, Ivona (if memory serves). There are also now a panoply of PDF readers with a speech reading option, made for Android and iOS, but these apps rely on the device's native or default TTS engine to supply that voice.

    This brings us to the problem: the pathetic Pico TTS engine that comes standard with Blackberry OS 10 devices. Actually, that would be fine as long as one could upgrade, but I haven?t found a way to do it yet (not for lack of trying either). No quality TTS engine maker appears to provide a stand-alone upgrade for Blackberry OS or for the version of Android used by Kindle Fire. Accordingly, there are no TTS engine apps available for sale on either the Amazon App Store or the Blackberry App Store.

    Worse yet, none of the TTS apps available in the Android App store appear to work when installed using Snap. I guess that's because those apps rely on the Google Apps Services app, which is missing from Blackberry OS 10.

    I'd be grateful to hear of any proposed solutions (other than suggestions that I ditch the Passport and get a Galaxy or iPhone fablet instead). Thanks!

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    11-26-14 02:33 PM

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