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    I'm still deciding whether I'll replace my Z10 with the Passport.

    I got a chance to play with the Passport for about 20 min at a Telus store. Only one factor is making me hesitate a little. The width. It is quite wide. The phone itself is not as big as some other phones out there like the Note or iP6 but the extra width size makes it look like it is larger overall. But this may be just my instinctive reaction to seeing something I'm not used to. I remember having the same reaction when I first saw the Z30; first reaction back then was also "this phone is big! I don't know..." but now I'm totally in love with my Z30. But having said all that, to a small person like me, it was surprisingly not at all cumbersome to handle despite its dimensions.

    I know many have hesitations about the keyboard. I didn't get the Q10 when it came out because I totally, absolutely love BB's smart, virtual keyboard. I absolutely love swiping words to help me type faster or delete words with a simple back swipe. I find the Passport's physical keyboard to have the same feel as the virtual keyboard in regards to the above mentioned aspects but with additional accuracy due to my fingers having the ability to feel the actual keys. However, having experienced the Q10's keyboard (in a Rogers store when it came out), I feel that the Passport's keyboard doesn't have the same, velvety feel texture-wise and a slightly harder press than the Q10. I think it feels more like the older version of BlackBerry physical keyboard like the 9900 or curve. But aside from that, it isn't top-heavy at all. The combination of touch, virtual and physical makes the Passport's keyboard quite unique, and I must say it was fun playing with it. Flicking predicted words and scrolling around on the physical keyboard was easy; the keyboard was very sensitive and movement on screen was accurate and fluid. As with anything different, you'll need time to get use to the differences but I found that I adapted to the Passport's keyboard quite well within the short time I played with it. I predict that it shouldn't take me more than 2 days to be able to type as fast or nearly as fast as I do now on my Z30. I actually think my adaptation to this keyboard will be faster than when I first leaped from curve's physical keyboard to the Z10's virtual one. The one thing I would have preferred was to see the keys a bit flatter, closer to the screen's dimensional plane like on the Q10.

    Using both hands on the Passport will definitely be more efficient but I don't think one-handed use is completely out of the question. Like I said, I'm a small person but I often use the Z30 one-handedly with relative ease. So I think I can also manage to do so with the Passport but, of course, that's just an assumption based on the short time I was able to use it.

    But the one main factor that may just tip the scale in favour of me getting this phone is the screen! Heck, the first thing I noticed on the phone was the screen! Bright, crisp, lively colours. I opened a sample PDF file that was on the phone to see what reading documents will be like with this square dimension (because this factor is extremely important to me in my line of work). And I must say it was absolutely marvelous! My eyes didn't feel strained like how I feel when I read PDFs on my Z30 (I now won't even read documents on my Z10, after my experience with the Z30's larger screen). The letters were clear, crisp, large enough size that makes reading very comfortable and enjoyable, and the larger width gave a greater view of the document. It felt like stepping into a large room with high ceilings and an open floor plan...that kind of "vastness" feel but with a document.

    I do wish that they kept the glass weave back design from the Z30 to the Passport. It would have made the back look nicer than plain black. But unnecessary added cost, I suppose.

    Well, that's my first hands-on impression of the Passport after 20 minutes of use. I'm still deciding on whether I'll get it or not but that screen! It sure was amazing!

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    09-25-14 09:17 PM
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    I have small hands and i can use with one hand. Like just casually browsing around etc

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    09-25-14 09:59 PM
  3. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar
    At first it seemed to wide to me as well,

    but after a day I couldn't imagine it being any different

    the keyboard is awesome!

    and that amazing screen, nothing like it. I have a note 3 as my android phone and find the passport screen to be even better for browsing and reading, etc. it's just huge!
    09-25-14 10:06 PM
  4. junny89's Avatar
    I agree, when i saw it i was like woah it's wiiiiiide. But when i got to play with the demo phone, that huge crisp clear screen hit me! I put it down and said get me one!
    The screen is just immense and sooooo clear.

    Thing is, for me, it doesnt' feel like just a phone, it's sooo much more than that. I only started using it today, as had to get my sim cut, so far just amazing. It's 4am in uk and i havnt put it down for hours.

    Just to let you know, my wife who isn't tech-savy at all and doesn't know anything about tech etc used my passport to message some one. I got schooled! Straight away with out any tuition or any research or learning etc she was at it hammering the keyboard essays of texts etc. It took me atleast 15-20mins to get grips. Didn't even take her 1sec. She wants one now but in white lol

    Just goes to show it's down to the person using the phone. It's a different experience for everyone, no one can tell you what to do, but i advise go try one...maybe like me and some others you will walk out with one.

    Be bold and creative...is what i think this phone stands for...it's personality is to be something unique and out of the box.

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    09-25-14 10:16 PM
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    Also there were some rumours of a special edition passport with a glass weave back, also a gold edition.

    Not heard anything since that rumour on crackberry though.

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    09-25-14 10:18 PM
  6. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar

    I second that! definitely something unique and not boring like all the other phones from manufacturers lately that all look the same.
    09-25-14 10:22 PM
  7. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar
    that would be very cool indeed The Glass back would look awesome
    09-25-14 10:22 PM
  8. junny89's Avatar
    If you are a person that wants to be different and daring...this is for you.
    I don't like having the same phone as others hence i never got the apple/samsung bandwagon even though they are just rubbish.
    This just fits me perfect. Don't care what anyone thinks, i love it that's all that matters.
    In saying that, showed my fam they love it lol and want one too!
    But all sold out! Which i hope is a good thing means many have been sold hopefully...

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    09-25-14 10:25 PM
  9. junny89's Avatar
    I hope they do so i can just buy the rear cover lol

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    09-25-14 10:25 PM
  10. DuexNoir's Avatar
    The only part on the back that you can take off is the small piece at top, so you can't change the entire back cover. But if they make a glass weave case, I'll definitely buy that!

    Posted via CB10 on my Z30
    09-25-14 10:30 PM
  11. junny89's Avatar
    Oh yeah, but I'm sure you could pick it up as a spare and do it your self? Or some one qualified

    Posted via CB10
    09-25-14 10:35 PM

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