1. anon(9396619)'s Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I'm on BB10 with a Passport, using the default music app.

    I store music on my SD card, which works great. I recently copied an album to the SD card, as per usual, closed my music app and reopened it. The album wasn't recognised. Weird, because it's a non-protected MP3 album, no different to any other album on the phone. I then copied the album, and moved it to the local drive (Passport's own storage). Still it wasn't recognised. I tried playing the files - they play just fine, in File Manager or Browser. And then I tried a completely different album - copying it to the SD card and seeing if it was recognised - and it worked just fine.

    Any ideas why the BB10 music player is only recognising some MP3 files, and not all of them? Have you had this issue?

    Thanks for any help!
    05-02-15 12:46 AM
  2. anon(9396619)'s Avatar
    Sorry guys I posted this in the wrong forum. I'll try delete this one.
    05-02-15 05:04 AM

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